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If you are the type of couple who wants to have fully outdoor concepts, then this collection of images will be what you are looking for. You will be sure to visit places in Korea that make them attractive among both locals and foreigners.

Contact us now to enquire about  this studio – bringing new & creative Korean pre-wedding concept photography.

Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com



This studio provides concepts that will allow you to explore beautiful Korean sceneries to the fullest. A mixture of modern and traditional settings, you will get to experience the true beauty of Korea.

Contact us now to enquire about  this studio – bringing new & creative Korean pre-wedding concept photography.



The concepts for this studio are Romantic, Fun, Sweet, Happy & Natural. For couples who like to have more fun and natural outdoor shooting, this studio will be suitable for you. Our Korean photographer will help you to create happy and sweet images.

Contact us now to enquire about  this studio – bringing new & creative Korean pre-wedding concept photography.

Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


koreanweddingphoto_somethingblue_056 copy

Experience having an outdoor lifestyle photography in the heart of Seoul, going about your daily activities in style while being captured by our talented photographer.

Contact us now to enquire about this collection – bringing new & creative Korean pre-wedding concept photography.

Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


We would like to extend our sincere heartfelt gratitude towards IDO wedding for our smooth photoshoot in Korea. We visited IDO booth during NATAS fair, and had an appointment scheduled with Emily after NATAS. We read good reviews about IDO, and made our first deposit during our first appointment when she explained the different package to us. Everything was listed very clearly, and there was no hidden cost. She would highlight the additional cost involved if you choose to top up for additional items that was outside the package.

Keith_Sheena_DSC05719 copy

We met up with Gina on our first day in Korea. She was really nice, friendly and punctual (in fact she’s always early) and she brought us to tour around the area before sending us to the bridal shop. The bridal shop assistant would let you try on the gowns that you have selected during your second meeting with Emily in Singapore.

Keith_Sheena_DSC05800 copy

We were so excited for our photoshoot on day three. Gina picked us up at 7am sharp for hairdo and make up first. The make up salon was really grand and my hubby and I absolutely love the make up and hairdo! They make us look really great. It took around 2-3 hour and then we headed for our photography studio.

Keith_Sheena_DSC05892 copy

The weather in Korea was really awesome. It was cooling and we didn’t sweat throughout the photoshoot. The photographer was really professional and he managed to capture the natural side of us. Not to forget, the awesome bridal shop assistant who was always there to make adjustment and add accessories to our outfits. It was really great to have her around!

Keith_Sheena_DSC05950 copy

We hired a videographer to video the entire photography process. We contemplated for very long on the videographer initially and thinking back, this was definitely a worthwhile investment. We received our soft copy of our videography two months after the photoshoot! It was such a joy to recollect all the fun and happy moments during the photoshoot.

Keith_Sheena_DSC05975 copy

We would like to thank Emily, Gina and the photography team, bridal shop assistants for making this possible! Can’t wait for our photos!

Keith & Sheena


This bridal collection features classic wedding dresses that have delicate and fanciful textures to create a truly stunning and slimming effect.

Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


Dear IDO-Wedding,

My husband and I first came to know about IDO-Wedding through a friend’s recommendation. We were told to visit their website to check out all the different studios that are being offered. Initially we couldn’t decide on one because all the different studios’ setup and backdrops were all unique and beautiful in their own way. In the end, we decided on one that gives a vintage feel and we are very happy with the results.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_0012 copy

Special thanks to Gina, our manager, for making our photo shoot in Korea so effortless. She is friendly and very easy to work with. We are thankful for all her recommendations and translations she did for us.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_0088 copy

Looking at our photos now, we feel extremely satisfied and there is nothing more we could ask for. We highly recommend IDO-wedding to anybody who is interested to have their wedding photo shoot done in Korea.

Sebastian & Daphne


Our experience with IDO wedding was dominantly positive. At the start, we engaged Emily by email and she promptly introduced us to what we should expect and when we should book a place, i.e. there was an upcoming NATAS event. At that time, we were told to browse through the studios and never did we know there were that many studios. After seeing all the photos, we were quite impressed and decided to go with studio 13. Nevertheless, like most couples, we had our fears and reservations but that was quelled due to the good coordination and planning we had experienced with IDO wedding.

koreanweddingphotography__MG_7524 copy

We felt that booking our hotel through IDO was very convenient. All we had to do was to pick the hotel with a list provided to us with prices we could compare online. Emily was also concise and prompt in her emails and we were reassured about the service we would receive by our counterpart in Korea.

koreanweddingphotography__MG_7583 copy

Gina and Chris were our coordinators in Korea and they were good advisers in our trip. The first was to have a full breakfast before the photoshoot. It was much needed. A few days prior to the photo-shoot, we were chauffeured in a Korean style luxury car to choose our suits and dresses. Although the selection is small, during the photoshoot, accessories and add-ons make the wedding look completely different in the photoshoot.

koreanweddingphotography__MG_7491 copy

We were then allowed to meet up with the make up artist on the prep day as well, where she gave us her opinions as well as showed us a catalogue with various hairstyles to choose from and how different hairstyles allow for different variability during the shoot. We found the make up team to be very skilled in their work. On the actual day itself, the results spoke for themselves.

koreanweddingphotography__MG_7910 copy

Despite the rain, the photographer, our tireless assistant as well as Gina and Chris tried their best to assist us during the outdoor scenes. We took the indoor scenes first and had taken the outdoor scene with an umbrella. The entire shoot lasted about 5 hours and we were encouraged through our periods of fatigue and continued with our best effort.

koreanweddingphotography__MG_7730 copy

After returning back to Singapore and reviewing the unedited images, we are very impressed and would recommend our friends to go with IDO wedding for their pre- wedding shoot if they want something extraordinary and professional.

We would like to thank IDO wedding for the enjoyable experience.

Pei Ghim and Michelle


“BIG SMILE!” Melissa and I will never forget how the professional photographer teased us into taking the most amazing and graceful shots. Ido- wedding granted us the most perfect excuse to spend a vacation in Seoul and of course, the highlight of the trip is the photoshoot, indeed.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_5549 copy

We were promised Korean concept wedding themes by the most charismatic and smooth-talking Dennis; and the most lovely and patient Audrey who attended to us shortly for a meet-up session to decide on our styles and preferences. I remember how I could not contain all my anticipation and excitement and ended up spamming Audrey with ridiculously large amount of queries. Believe me, she attended to every single one of them! I am truly impressed by their customer service and we went Seoul with high expectation.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_5724 copy

In Korea, we met playful Chris and steady Gina on DAY 1 to select the gowns and tuxedo. We were chauffeured in big car and were welcomed with great hospitality at the bridal shop and the makeup studio. DAY 3 started early for our makeover and transformation, pampering ourselves with a Korean makeup and a Korean hairdo, just the way we wanted it. Chris was always there to help us with the translation and special requests.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_5667 copy

Here comes the best part, picture time! The young and pro-photographer was moving up and down with his female assistant whom we thought they look so cute together. Imo (aunt in Korean) was armed with lots of accessories to help both of us with every little nitty gritty change-over and styles for the shoots. Playful Chris picked up my camera to help us capture some of the most precious behind-the-scene shots. We were guided and demonstrated the poses, expressions and angles, not forgetting to also enjoy ourselves being called around as the shin-lang and shin-niang.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_5445 copy

We had so much fun, all thanks to Dennis, Audrey, Chris, Gina and Ido- wedding.

Kelvin and Melissa


Prior to the wedding shoot, we had several discussions via email exchanges and consultation with Audrey on the photo studio, hotels and itinerary. We were spoilt for choices as there were many studios to choose from! We booked the hotels through IDO as it was much cheaper than what was quoted on the hotel website. The process was well coordinated and Audrey was very prompt in her responses.

Terry & Shiying_BEST_DSC00316

The day before the wedding shoot, Gina who was our coordinator in Korea brought us to a bridal studio to choose the wedding gowns and suits. Terry and I were clueless on what to choose but Gina had offered many valuable advices. She was genuine and honest in her comments. She also helped to convey our expectations to the makeup artiste. We really felt safe in her hand!

Terry & Shiying_BEST_DSC00672

We woke up extremely early on the day of our wedding shoot. As usual, Gina was already waiting for us at the hotel lobby. We first headed to the beauty salon to get ourselves dressed up. Koreans are really good at their makeup skills! We could really attest to that as the makeup artiste had given us a major transformation. Before the photo shoot, we had briefly gone through with the photographer on the poses and background which we wanted. He was very professional and had very high expectations. Initially, we were very nervous and stiff but he managed to calm us down and even go to the extent of demonstrating the poses for us. There was a helper who was in charge of doing the changing and touching up for us. She is not young but we could sense her high energy level that had helped to lighten up the atmosphere on the day, She was very meticulous and attentive to our needs, literally treating us like prince and princess during the entire photo shoot.

Terry & Shiying_BEST_DSC00197

We were really impressed and satisfied with the beautiful photos taken. It was truly a pleasant and memorable experience for us ! A big thank you to iDO:)


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