Dear IDO Wedding,

A big thank you to IDO wedding, the photographer, make-up artist, hairstylist, bridal assistance and last but not least our translator .Me and my fiancé decided to have our pre- wedding photoshoot in korea. We got to know IDO wedding, went through their portfolio which they have good reviews and the photos were all so beautiful. So we decided to arrange with Emily to know more about their pre-wedding package and signed our package on the 2nd meet up. We would like to thank Emily for being patient in our enquiries before our pre-wedding photoshoot.

koreanweddingphoto_DSC_7718 copy

IDO wedding is thoughtful to arrange our translator and photographer to pick us from the hotel to the bridal studio. Upon our arrival, the staff greeted us and we start to choose our gown and tuxedo. The bridal studio staff and our translator are very friendly and nice, they gave us opinion on the gown and tuxedo to be chosen for the pre-wedding shoot. With our translator around, there is no language barrier at all. She will convey our idea to the photographer and he will plan the route for us.During the photoshoot, bridal assistant and our translator were really sweet. They took care of me throughout the journey, as they afraid I was feeling cold and having difficulties in walking with my heels. The whole process was smooth and the weather was nice.Once again we would like to thank IDO Wedding for making our pre-wedding photoshoot a wonderful and memorable one.

koreanweddingphoto_DSC_7575 copy

Kody & Leslie 


We first find out ido wedding through wedding forum with a lot of positive review. We decided to have a meeting with them during the NATAS fair 2013. Emily, she is very friendly chat with us to find out what is our requirement and preference for pre wedding package before to introduce their service to us. After much consideration, we decided to sign with Emily for our pre wedding photo shoot in Korea.

koreanweddingphoto_B46A5262 copy

Gina, whom was our translator and manager in Korea, picked us up at Nox Hotel and drove us to Sejong hair salon to discuss more about preference about hair and makeup for the photo-shoot. After that, we go down to a bridal shop try on a few white & color gowns and tuxedo. 

koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 5108 copy

On the day of photo-shoot (7 April 2014),the Photographer and his assistant to guide us through different kind of pose and ensure they have captured our best moments. Thumb up for his professional service to try making us smile/laugh throughout the photo-shoot. The bridal studio assistant helps us with all the gowns /tuxedos changing accessories, touch-up and hairdo and keep us warm in the cold weather. Lastly Gina is very helpful to help us to take photo at the scene using my handphone when we have the photo-shoot.

koreanweddingphoto_B46A5892 copy

Really like to say a BIG thanks to iDoWedding Team(Emily, Gina,bridal studio Assistant,Photographer and his assistant and the Hair & Makeup artist)

After all, this is a wonderful and memorable experience for us to have a Pre-wedding photo-shoot in Korea.

Thanks and Best Regards

Eugene & Claris


Dear IDO-Wedding, 

We would like to specially thank IDO-Wedding team, beauty salon staffs, bridal assistant & photographer for the wonderful experience & unforgettable memories we had in Korea. We really enjoyed ourselves throughout the photo shoot and days in Korea. We are very satisfied & happy with the outcome of our photos and the raw photos look really natural & nice even without any editing. 

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC05078

My fiancé & I always wanted something different & unique for our Pre-Wedding photo shoot and thanks to Korean variety show “We Got Married” that caught our eyes. Therefore, we start to do our research on Korea Pre-Wedding photo shoot and we found IDO-Wedding. We then emailed and arranged for a meet up consultation with Audrey to find out more information about the packages. 

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC04734

During the meet up with Audrey, she was really patient, friendly, helpful and clear in her explanation and all our queries were promptly answered. She was never pushy and that makes us really comfortable throughout the consultation. She also did recommend us some nice places to visit when we were in Korea. Thank you Audrey for all the information ^^, 

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC05350

When we were in Korea, our interpreter / manager Gina met us at our hotel lobby and drove us to the bridal shop and beauty salon for consultation. After the consultation, Gina was so nice to drove us around Apgujeong Street to show us the popular SM Town & JYP entertainment studios that we actually planned to go when we were in Korea. She was very helpful, friendly and fluent in English and we were really thankful that she is there to help us with all the translating throughout the whole consultation till end of our photo shoot day. 

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC05049

The staffs at the beauty salon are very professional and we really love the make-up and hairdos done by them. They makes us felt like celebrities / models that seen on Korean TV show while preparing and getting ready at the beauty salon. We were well taken care by the bridal assistant Imu-Nim & the staffs at beauty salon and it was really a good experience for the both of us.

The weather was still cold in March, Gina and Imu-nim was very thoughtful to even prepare some coat & warm pack to kept us warm during our outdoor scenes. The bridal assistant, Imu-nim helps us with all the gowns/tuxedos changing, accessories, touch-up and hairdos and she was very attentive and helpful throughout the photo shoot. Gina was really nice by helping us to capture some of the scenes by using our phones while we are having our photo shoot.

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC04912

The photographer is really professional & talented at taking good angle shots that captures wonderful moments. His assistant are really good at guiding us with different kind of poses and always making sure that they captured our best moments, expressions, poses, and laughter in front of the camera. 

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC04878

Once again, we would like to thanks everyone for the professionalism & excellent services throughout our Pre-Wedding shoot. We are glad that we made IDO our choices and we highly recommend IDO-wedding to couples out there that are looking for Korean-Pre wedding shoot. ^^,

With Love,

Anthony & Cheryll


I get to know IDO Wedding from my BFFFNAEAEAE(Stands for Bestfriend-for-now-and-ever-and-ever and ever) Ms Ang Yeeting last year @ Vizitkorea. At first, I was not that into wedding shoots but those photos I saw at over at IDO was somewhat unique and amazing. We signed up the package last year with Yeeting. Was very excited ever since then, I was so looking forward to the day.

I totally forgotten about taking a plane (My Fear Factor #3 – Acrophobia) 

Kevin & Eveling_bestIMG_5788

Months passed and it was March, Audrey and Emily filled us up with all the information and answered to all our questions. One week before we make our trip over to Korea, we got to know Gina, our manager over at Korea. She is also our translator.

We reached Korea, we got to meet Gina on our Day2! We were ferried to and fro the sassy gown boutique & the glamorous beauty salon. Everything seems too awesome to be true. Well, its almost like a dream come true! After testing gowns and stuff, we are even more eager for the photo shooting day (:

Kevin & Eveling_bestIMG_5856

Day4 of our Korea Trip, it was the photo-shooting day! We woke up late cause the night before we were sooooooo excited and we could not sleep well at all. Like a queen I can say, it is a very awesome experience. I took 1.5hours to complete my makeover and I swear I love my Korean Eyebrow so much, I got whatever I requested and it was so perfect. My Child has her hairdo done and she look extra adorable, as for my groom he had his tuxedo on and his hairdo done although we thought that nothing much can be done. They did a great job! & my Emo – Ms Hong brought me all my gowns and get me ready for the shoot, she warms me up Everytime, with the fur-coat and she always do funny faces to make me feel ease. She is just like my mummy (:

Kevin & Eveling_bestIMG_5943

When we are at the studio, we met our Photographer Mr Lee, although he caught the flu virus, he is still trying to make everything so enjoyable. It’s a 5-6 hours shoot and its such a nice experience. We were showered with tender loving care from Gina and everyone. Mr Chris took care of Yvette while we take our photos, Yvette enjoyed herself so much too. & Kelvin got the team up with everyone just to give me an unforgettable proposal. This was so awesome and I felt blessed, everything was so dreamy and perfect. Happiness was what I felt. Kelvin was exceptionally happy with the successful surprise. 

Kevin & Eveling_bestIMG_6009

Thanks, IDO wedding for going all out for us, we are so lucky to have all of you on this day! The best we could ever ask for, certainly.


Dear Ido Wedding,

We are very happy after received the unedited photos. Good job! The photo is beautiful and the result is beyond our expectation. We are really lucky to have join IDO WEDDING.


We would like to thank you guys for the wonderful experience that we had during our pre wedding photoshoot in Seoul. It was fun and is an experience we will never forget.


Firstly, thank you to our consultant Emily. Without her arrangement and advice all this can’t be happen! Secondly, thanks to our Korean manager Gina. During our first consultation in Korea, Gina, she brought us to the bridal studio to select our gowns and tuxedo. It was a relaxing and pleasant experience. They helped me to do a quick bridal hairdo to match the gowns. Meanwhile, she also gave us lot of comments and the photo-shoot was tiring but Gina and her team made it quite enjoyable. It was a very fun experience as the photographer was very good in creating the setting to bring out emotions and our photos turned out very well. Last, thanks to Bridal shop assistant (IMUNEE), she accompanies us during the photo shoot to help me to touch up my makeup, styled hair, change accessories and gowns. We share a lot joy and fun together. 


Look forward to I-do wedding to bring us more new studio sample & Korean concept wedding photography. We would recommend all couples to take up a package with IDOWEDDING! 

Best regards,

Lim & Maggie


We would like to say a BIG thank you to all personnel who made this photo shoot possible, especially Gina (our guide, chauffeur and translator in Korea),이모님 (aka auntie), the photographer, and not forgetting Emily (our consultant in Singapore) who took care of all the planning details.


Let me walk you through how awesome the photography session was! (Pardon my lack of bombastic vocabulary in describing how unforgettable the experience was.) 

On Day One, we were brought to one of the hair salons and bridal studiosin Cheongdam-dong for consultation. The consultant at the hair salon was very professional. With just one look at us, she advised on the type of hairstyles and make up suitable for both of us. The bridal studio was even more amazing! The presentation was exactly like what I saw in dramas; the bride standing on an elevated platform trying out the pre-selected gowns. I was fascinated!


On Day Three, the actual day, we reached the 3-storey high hair salon at 12pm. After I told the make-up artist I didn’t have any style in mind, she immediately started working on my face. Within an hour or so, I transformed! After the make-up at level three was done, I went down to level one for further transformation. The hairstylist did a very nice job with some spraying, blowing and pinning on my hair. The next moment, I turned from short-haired to a long-hair princess! (I was so happy with the make-up and hairdo that I cam-whored the whole evening trying to make sure I took every angle. ㅋㅋ)


Within 2 hours, we were done and off to the photography studio, wearing our gown and tuxedo. As ours was mostly an out-door shoot, we spent most of our 5 hours at Han-gang and one of the streets near the photography studio. It was a very fast pace session where we just shoot and go. No time for us to rest. Due to time constraint, I even had to change my gown in the car with the help of이모님! And did I even mention how I love the cooling breeze at Han-gang! Unfortunately, we went in autumn and the sky turned dark shortly after 5.30pm. We had to finish up the out-door session fast and return to the studio for a short in-door shoot. By then, all of us were already quite exhausted. Luckily, the in-door shoots only took us about 45 minutes and we were done for the day! 

여러분, 수고하셨어요! 감사합니다! ^^


A wedding is never a wedding without saying I do. It is the name ‘Ido Wedding’ that caught our attention that made us go through their pictures. The pictures immediately had a huge impact on us as they were all taken in Korea, and Korea is one of our favorite countries.  That was when we both knew what we wanted, a different kind of wedding photo shoot in a country where we both love.


The first time we met Emily was at NATAS fair in Singapore Expo. Emily was the Coordinator for Ido Wedding in Singapore. We were very surprised though she is a Korean but she can speak very fluent English. She was very detailed in explaining to us about the photo shoot itineraries after we decided to use their service. We considered only about 10 seconds before saying yes. We did a simple survey to let her roughly know our characters and also what we wanted, after which she suggested the ‘Fun Theme’ and since we really wanted something different, we agreed on her suggestion.


The day came when we were both in Seoul waiting to meet Gina, the coordinator for I-Do Wedding in Korea, and Sun, our translator for the wedding photo shoot. When we first met them, we didn’t feel any awkwardness as both of them were really friendly. They made small talks with us to understand us better, and they even brought us to see SM Town and JYP building because we told them that we love K-POP. They were very helpful in every ways, from choosing our outfits to our make ups and hair-dos.


The photo shoot day was a tiring, fun and unforgettable day. It started off with hair-dos and make ups at the salon and both our hair and make-up stylists were very professional. Before they start, they explained to us what they were going to do and why they did it. Although they only speak Korean and we only understood one or two words that they said, thanks to our dear Gina and Sun, we have no problem in understanding what they were trying to tell us.


At the Studio, we were introduced to our photographer, Mr. Lim, who was very friendly and funny. What I will never forget was after our first few shots, he showed us a picture he took and he said, ‘This smile is not from your heart, it is so unreal’. Then he showed us another picture, ‘This one is really showing happiness on your face’. Then he explained when a person is happy from the heart, even the eyes and nose will tell. After he said that, we looked at each other and said ‘WOW, so professional’.


A very big thank you to our dearest Imoni, the bridal assistant. Imoni is like a mother, a caring and loving mother figure. She was very helpful and funny. She will make sure that we always look good in front of the camera, and she also advised us on what to do and what we shouldn’t do during the shoot. She even cracked jokes to make everybody laugh. We really love her.

Last but not least, we would like to Thank IDO Wedding team for this wonderful experience.


It was our second trip to Seoul and we’ve had heaps of fun there! Wonderful weather, good food, and a great time during the photoshoot! Prior to flying to Seoul, we’ve had Emily explaining and communicating what was to be expected clearly and much thanks to her for clarifying our many doubts over emails as well!


We met Gina on our second day in Seoul and she was very hospitable, with her introducing the affluent Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong, even driving us to places where we might spot K-Pop idols and even Yoo Jae Suk! While at the bridal gown shop, I showed Gina some photos of “ideal dresses” I’d prepared prior to our trip, and Gina was fantastic in helping to convey my preferences to the bridal shop ladies, ensuring that the both of us achieved our ideal looks.


On the actual day, while we were tripping over our nerves and jitters (and also hunger from the 8-hour shoot), Gina and Imo-nim (our bridal assistant) were professional and remained our steady reliant hosts throughout! Sweet Gina even went out to buy some kimbap for us to eat! The photoshoot lasted for 8 hours but it was a memorable time spent, making sure we had the correct expressions and that we looked our utmost best in all the photos taken. 


Also, boy were we glad we brought some “props” (in the form of plush dinosaurs) along with our casual outfits for the photo-shoot! This allowed us some more wacky additions to the already-versatile studio, and summed up the 8-hour long shoot with lots of laughter and fun.


Overall, our experience was a great and amidst the hilarious attempts at translating funny poses in the different shots, we definitely had fun. We’ve gotten our DVD copy of photos and the photos turned out amazing – we can not wait for the final album to arrive! Many thanks Emily, Gina, and the entire team from IDO-Wedding, and we are looking forward to our next trip to Seoul soon!

Thanks and our Best Wishes,

Zihui and Amelia 


A big thank you to the IDO wedding team in helping us to make this pre-wedding photo shoot a memorable and fantastic one.


Through this extraordinary experience, we met a group of aspiring achievers who work with passion, love, joy and making sure that our expectations are met and achieved. Before the shoot, initially I was really worried as I feel uncomfortable putting on contract lens and I am heavily short sighted. I am worried that my short sightedness may become a hindrance to this photo shoot. However through the professionalism of the team especially the photographer, all the unedited copy of the photographs I received turned out to be really nice!


My hubby said that this is the first time he see me so pretty, and I totally agreed with him thanks to the magical makeup for making me so pretty than I can ever imagine. Thank you Gina and team for making this long photo shoot such memorable one.


Thank you to the photographer as well who is so comical and thus help me ease up during the photo shoot, thank you to the bridal dress assistant who help to carry my dresses and holding me so tightly There are some challenging walk, heating up a fur jacket to keep me warm when we are outside in the chilly weather. Thanks to Emily for the all meet up in Singapore to ensure everything are in place. 


We are both so happy to have selected IDO Wedding for our once in a lifetime pre-wedding photo shoot and will strongly recommend our friends to your service.


Our photo shoot was an incredible and memorable experience, all thanks to the amazing IDO Wedding team.

Emily, our local coordinator guided us through the process and managed all the details, making it a hassle-free affair for us.


Gina, our Korea translator and coordinator, was with us throughout the entire photo shoot process. She chauffeur us around for our gown/suit selection, hair and make-up consultation and even gave us recommendations on where to go/visit.  Gina was really helpful, and gave us advice on the gowns selection. On the actual shooting day, Gina made sure that everything went smoothly and was very attentive and accommodating to our requests. 


The bridal assistant was friendly and helpful. She was very attentive and assisted us throughout the entire photo shoot – helping us with our gowns/suits, changing of hairstyles, and touching up on our styling consistently.


The photographer made this experience really fun for us. He was very engaging and would always try to get the best natural shot from us.

IDO Wedding has made our photo shoot a fun and unique experience. We enjoyed every moment and was awed by their professionalism and skills. 


We are very happy to have chosen IDo Wedding for our photo shoot and enjoyed this once-in-a lifetime experience!


Andrew and Carissa


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