So many things to say about Ido-Wedding. I guess a big Thank You is not enough to express our gratitude towards them. With Emily’s patience towards all our questions and assurance to not make a rushed decision, we signed up with Ido-Wedding during our 2nd meet up. In fact, Ido-wedding was the first and only pre-wedding studio that we were interested in, so not much time was actually required to confirm our package.

Koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 1968

When we were in Korea, we were further amazed by their punctuality and professionalism. During our appointments, Chris and Gina always arrived earlier than expected. Although we didn’t understand what they were discussing during the consultation, we could tell that they were very detailed and serious about every single arrangement from our hairdo, makeup, gowns to the tuxedo selection. By the way, the beauty salon was gorgeous! We were speechless when we saw how grand the beauty salon was, as it looked exactly like those you see in Korean dramas. 

Koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 3149

On the day of photo shoot, we had some extra time before our hairdo and makeup appointment, so Chris and Gina drove us around Apgujeong Street to show us the famous SM Town and JYP Entertainment main offices. We were so happy because this was actually one of our places to visit in our itinerary. Gina might have guessed that most of us would love to take a look at these Entertainment studios, hence she brought us there.   

Koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 2845

Everyone was exceptionally helpful but I would personally like to thank the Imo who helped us tremendously throughout the photo shoot. She acted like a mother to us, always ensuring that we looked more than perfect before taking our photos. Imo is a very detailed person, as she would always check with the photographer as to which side of close up shots he was going to take and discussed with him if there’s any need to change my wife’s hair accessories so that it will look even better on screen. Furthermore, she treated my wife like her own daughter and took very good care of her every second. To our surprise, we heard that she specially squeezed out additional time for our photo shoot even though she had a tight schedule. My wife couldn’t bear to part with her at end of the day and almost cried.

Koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 2534

We also love our photographer and videographer to the max. Initially, we were both nervous about the photo shoot. But our photographer made it a fun and relax environment for us! From an uptight smile, it soon became a wide blissful smile, allowing us to enjoy the whole process thoroughly. He will always show us the right way to pose, correcting us and making sure that we looked natural on screen. Gina always translated the jokes they made and shared with us funny stories about them. Chris was also very helpful by taking photos for us on our phones which have now become our favorite wallpapers. 

Koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 1899

I must say this is the one and only time you will feel like a celebrity. 

No regrets. I can continue to tell you how great Ido-Wedding is and this testimonial will never have an ending. You really have to experience it for yourself and I’m sure you will have a memorable pre-wedding photo shoot too. 

Thank you Ido-Wedding! It was awesome, you guys are fabulous!


Our experience with IDO Wedding was a smooth process. It started off with meeting Audrey and she suggested a few studios for our references. We were not able to select the studio on the spot, but Audrey gave us the option to email her the preferred studio and the photo shoot date to check on the studio availability offline. We agreed to take up the package as Audrey was very sincere in serving us. She was also very prompt in her response after we selected our studio through email. 

koreanweddingphotography_MG_9694 copy

Gina and Chris picked us up from our hotel and they drove us to JYP and SM Town buildings where we saw several fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their idols. Gina and Chris accompanied us to the hair studio and bridal studio. They assisted us in translating our preferences and also provide their opinions when we were trying out the gowns and suits. The bridal fitting was a different experience from Singapore. We were asked to stand on a platform behind the curtains and the curtains were pulled aside once our fitting was done. The bride had a quick hairdo with tiara and hand bouquet to visualise the overall fitting with the gown. 

koreanweddingphotography_MG_9528 copy

Gina was unable to assist us and had arranged for Ji Sook to replace her on our photo shoot. We had no worries with Ji Sook as she was as good as Gina. Besides checking periodically on us if we were hungry, she was also busy being our photographer with our cameras from hair salon to the studio. Our photographer (Hwang) was very friendly and could speak simple Mandarin. He taught us how to pose with his basic Mandarin and kept us laughing to bring out the warmth in the photos. Special thanks to Imo-nim, who helped us throughout the 5 hours photo shoot without any rest. She brought a big bag with her and we realized the bag contained a wide selection of accessories for the bride to pose for different scenes. 

koreanweddingphotography_MG_9236 copy

Not to forget mentioning the videographer, who was quietly taking our video behind the scene. We saw a few glimpses of the scenes that he took and were excited to see the final product. He saw gave a few Korean songs for our consideration to suit our fun and playful theme.  

Thanks to IDO Wedding team for giving us an unforgettable and fun experience. 


Dear IDO Wedding

Thank you all for making our prewedding photoshoot such an enjoyable and memorable experience. I first came across IDO Wedding back in 2013 and immediately arranged to meet up with Emily where she gave us a survey to find out our preferred style in order to narrow down studios that would suit us. Since there are way too many studios available, the survey definitely helped us find the ideal studio.

koreanweddingphotography_0013 copy

Emily was very patient and prompt in her email replies pertaining to our enquiries and we eventually met her up again during one of 2013′s Natas fair and signed up for our package.

koreanweddingphotography_0580 copy

On the day of our first appointment, Gina met us up at our hotel lobby and she was very punctual. In fact, she was early! She brought us to our destination and when we had extra time inbetween the slots, she brought us around the vicinity to show us some of the popular spots. 

koreanweddingphotography_0276 copy

Then the day for the actual photoshoot came! We were brought to the hair and makeup salon where the transformation took place. Let’s just say, we were impressed by how we both looked.

koreanweddingphotography_0238 copy

The photoshoot was pretty tiring for us since we didn’t sleep well the night before due to anxiety but it was made easier with all the helpful people there especially the photographer and his assistant. They taught us how to pose to, demonstrated and then made sure all is perfect before they took the pictures.


It may have costed us alot more than what we would have spent if we took our prewedding photos locally but the pictures are definitely worthed it!

Thank you to the entire team of IDO Wedding and everyone else who made it possible.


Yichong & Ivy 


We would like to say a BIG “Thank you!” to IDO-Wedding for a job well done! Both of us are extremely delighted with how the photos turned out. The warmth and laughter in the pictures, reminded us of how the studio director made us laugh, taught us how to pose with his Mandarin spoken in rich Korean accent (大笑… 微笑… 左边… 右边… etc)

koreanweddingphotography_1257 copy

And great job by Gina, always punctual to drive us to the bridal salon and bridal shop. She is our caring translator and manager who will make sure my wife’s hair, makeup and gown are “tailored” to the exact “specs” she wanted. We also discovered Gina can be a photographer as well, judging by the awesome pictures and videos she took for us (value added service) using our smart phones. Kamsahamnida!

koreanweddingphotography_1304 copy

Special thanks to the Imo who helped my wife to wear her gowns and “transformed” her gowns with the various accessories she brought for different poses. A very bubbly lady who will laugh out loud with us during the shoot! Thumbs up Imo!

koreanweddingphotography_1150 copy

Finally, we would like to thank Emily for the wonderful service rendered in Singapore. From our first meeting to the most recent one, every single detail will be explained clearly and every query answered promptly via email/in person.

koreanweddingphotography_1831 copy

It has been a great and memorable experience for us in Korea! 

Thanks and Best Regards,

Ronald & Li Ting


We had a wonderful time during the consultation and photoshoot in Seoul with IDO-wedding. Our coordinator Ji Sook fetched us punctually and did a great job explaining and translating our requests. She also gave suggestions and recommendations during the choosing of gowns and tuxedos. The choosing of gowns and tuxedos was fun. The bridal studio assistant tied up my hair and gave me a flower bouquet to hold onto while they open the curtain showing me in the gowns! I think this was a very professional stance.
During the consultation, Ji Sook would listen to my requests carefully and assist to explain them to the makeup stylist, bridal studio assistant, and the photographer enthusiastically. 

Best_Kelvin & Josephine_DSC04661 copy

We also appreciate that she helped us take many pictures of us throughout the entire process (from makeup till the end of the photoshoot) with our cellphone. She even took pictures of the little teddy bear that we brought to the studio!

Best_Kelvin & Josephine_DSC05227 copy

The makeup artist did a great job! We were very pleased with the makeup and hairdo! 

The bridal shop assistant was also very helpful by doing many touchups and change of hairstyles and accessories for me during the photoshoot. She was a kind and warm person. She was very attentive and would hold onto me to make sure that I didn’t trip over. She even massaged my shoulders during the short breaks. It was heartwarming when she held onto my hand while we walked into the changing room.

Best_Kelvin & Josephine_DSC05076 copy

The photographer was easy to get along with, and his instructions were very precise, which made it easy for us to pose for the photoshoot. There wasn’t any issue with language barrier that we had as he always made things easy to understand. He would also show us how to pose and how to make certain expressions. He was also very encouraging with a sense of humor, making the whole session very relaxing and entertaining. Ji Sook also gave us several tips on how to pose and smile prior to the actual photoshoot. 

Best_Kelvin & Josephine_DSC04790 copy

Everything was very prepared and organised. The studio was very versatile, and everything was done smoothly and efficiently.

Thank you IDO-Wedding for the fun and no-sweat photoshoot! It was tiring yet enjoyable! There wasn’t a single unhappy moment because we were smiling and laughing a lot throughout the day.

Best_Kelvin & Josephine_DSC05224 copy

We strongly recommend IDO-Wedding to couples out there!

With love,

Kelvin Ng and Josephine Chua


Big thanks to the team at IDO wedding in help us to make this a memorable pre-wedding photo shoot and memorable one. 

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8699 copy

Before the photo shooting, Jiin hook – our translator and manager in Korea, picked us from our hotel and drove us to the salon to have our hair and makeup consultation. After that, we went to try out a few wedding gowns and attire. In the actual day of photo shooting, we were introduced to our photographer and lady assistance – they are very funny and made ​​us smile to helps us relax; help us with the attire changes and makeup touch-up throughout the shooting session. 

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8761 copy

Nevertheless, to everyone who has assisted with the preparations, we would like to share our sincere thanks for letting us experience the day. 

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8902 copy

Through this extraordinary experience, we met with passion, love and joy, used in conjunction with a team confident aspiring achievers, in line with our expectations and achieved. Last but not least, we enjoyed our short trip to South Korea, thanks to IDO wedding memorable experience and look forward to seeing the album.


We learnt about IDO Wedding from one of our friends who had taken her pre-wedding photo shoot with  IDO. After reviewing IDO’s FB page, we knew that this was definitely what we wanted for our pre-wedding shoot. 

koreanweddingphotography_KYG_3930 copy

We met up with Audrey, our consultant in Singapore. She was very patient in explaining the various portfolios and packages available for us. We were spoilt for choices and after much consideration, we decided to pick RARI SCENE SEVEN Photography as our studio of choice. Audrey made the whole process smooth and before we knew it, we signed on the dotted line. She even made sure that we got the best deal by advising us to upgrade our package during the NATAS Fair 2014.

koreanweddingphotography_KYG_4012 copy

April 12th was the day we met Gina and Chris, our Korean manager and interpreter. We were chauffeured to the Make-Up and Hair Salon, Labelle, for our make-up and hair consultation. We were then whisked to the Bridal Studio to try on the various gowns and suits available. During which, we decided on 2 white gowns, 1 champagne-black coloured evening gown and 2 suits for the photo shoot. However, we did not manage to try on the short dress during the gown-fitting session. We would like to give praise to the Bridal Studio assistants who were very helpful and patient during the whole fitting process. Throughout the consultation and fitting process, Gina and Chris gave us useful tips and advices.

koreanweddingphotography_KYG_4231 copy

April 14th was the day of our photo shoot, the make-up and hair session for both of us took more than two hours. We were very pleased with the outcome as we looked and felt like superstars. Sadly after the session, Gina had to leave us as she had another photo shoot to attend to.  Hence, leaving us in the good hands of Chris. Initially, we were rather tensed and nervous as it was our first time doing a photo shoot. However, with the help of the photographer, Mr. Kim Young Guk, and his assistant , we managed to feel at ease and enjoyed the whole process. During the photo shoot, our emo-nim worked tirelessly to ensure we looked our best in all the scenes. We are very grateful to have such an experienced emo-nim take care of us. We also want to give special thanks to Chris who did a good job interpreting and also providing the laughter and encouragement to spur us on. 

koreanweddingphotography_KYG_4074 copy

Due to the amount of dresses we needed to change into, we did not have any time for breaks, it was fast and furious all the way. However, we are glad that the photographer managed to capture all the scenes we wanted and was flexible in allowing us to use our customised gown and suit which we brought from Singapore. 

Thank you IDO Wedding for the lovely and memorable experience and all the hard work you guys have put in to make the photo shoot possible. 수고하세요!! :)


Humongous Heartfelt Thank You to the team from IDO Wedding for making our pre-wedding shoots an awesome one.

koreanweddingphotography_3481 copy

We got to know about IDO Wedding through a Korean reality show called “We got Married” and from there on, we decided to check out this korean style wedding concept. After seeing and went through their extensive list of portfolio.
We finally picked 1 that best suits us and signed our wedding package through Ms Emily, the consultant based here in SG.

koreanweddingphotography_3670 copy

When we arrived in Seoul. We get to meet our coordinator, Ms Gina for IDO Wedding in Korea. She’s been very helpful and accommodating to some of our requests even though it’s out of her job-scope. 2 thumbs up for Gina! ! !

koreanweddingphotography_3855 copy

Not to mention our awesome photographer, Lee. Great fella that doesn’t make us feel awkward at all for doing numerous posing throughout the entire photo shoots. 2 thumbs up again for Lee! ! !

koreanweddingphotography_3898 copy

And the list keep going on…We can’t finish thanking everyone. To make things sweet and short here… Thank You once again to all the staffs from IDO Wedding for making our photo shoots a memorable one for many years to come!


Dear IDO Wedding,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the two bridal assistants, the make-up artist, the hair stylist, the translator and of course the photographer from IDO Wedding in making our pre-wedding photo shoot in Jeju Island an enjoyable and fun experience.

koreanweddingphoto_7487 copy

Both my husband and I were completely clueless when we have had to pick a pre-wedding photography package among the crops. One day, we chanced upon IDO Wedding’s Facebook page and it was “Love @First Sight”. Without further ado, we sent an email asking for an appointment.

koreanweddingphoto_8006 copy

Probably it was our gut feelings, or maybe the beautiful advertorial shots by the celebrities, or maybe the wonderful scenic of Korea; we confirmed and signed the contract right on the spot. (“Yes, on the very first session.”) Everything was pretty much easy and simple as our consultant; Miss Emily had made all the necessary arrangements to ensure this photo shoot goes smoothly.

koreanweddingphoto_8209 copy

There was nothing more that we could have asked for as everything was well planned and executed by the team in Jeju, IDO Wedding. Everyone from the bridal boutique was very professional and passionate in their work, not to mention that they are also very friendly and always had a smile on their faces. Fret not that language might be a barrier in communicating your ideas to the photographer; IDO Wedding was so thoughtful to have a translator to accompany us throughout the whole journey. They took great efforts to explain every procedure and every step and have the translator convey their message to us. We almost felt like we were the K-POP stars.

koreanweddingphoto_8302 copy

It was really a fulfilling trip for both of us as a newly-wed “Shin-lang” and “Shin-niang” as the place holds memories (and the wonderful photos taken) that we both will reminisce years later. IDO Wedding had made it a memorable one for us and we agreed we will re-visit it one day. Once again, our heartfelt thanks to all the crews from IDO Wedding.

Our Heartfelt thanks,

Zhipeng & Stephanie 


We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to IDO wedding team for their support throughout the whole process of our photoshoot in Seoul. We love how all the small little things were well taken care of and it was definitely a memorable and wonderful experience for us with IDO Wedding.

koreanweddingphotography_0BBN1506 copy

We first met Audrey, our Singapore consultant, during Korea fair at Singapore Expo, where she showed us various samples of photo shoots and we were impressed by the beautiful pictures and decided to sign up a package with IDO Wedding on the spot. She is a wonderful lady who assisted us with all our queries right from the first consultation till the end.

koreanweddingphotography_0BBN1755 copy

Over at Seoul, we met Gina and Chris, our managers, who have done tremendous help for being our guide and translators during the makeup consultation, wedding dresses and suits selections as well as during the photo shoot day itself. Through Gina, we were able to convey and express what we wanted to say to the respective person without any language barriers.

koreanweddingphotography_0BBN1480 copy

We just love how professionally the hair and makeup were done at Sejong Salon. It was definitely on a different skill levels which we were unable to experience in Singapore. The makeup looked natural and it transformed us into a beautiful couple.

koreanweddingphotography_0BBN1544 copy

Our fun and quirky photographer has done a great job in directing us with the different poses as well as photographing from various angles to capture the best shots of us. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our pictures even without any editing done.

Not forgetting our bridal assistant who is constantly attentive in helping us changing into our outfits, various hairstyles with different hair accessories and fixing the makeup in between shoots, hence providing us with a first class service experience.

koreanweddingphotography_0BBN2003 copy

Once again thank you IDO Wedding for capturing the best moments of our lives. It was definitely worth it. 

Best Regards,

Lance & Sandra


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