Dear Ido Wedding,

A very big thank you to everyone at Ido Wedding for a magical wedding photoshoot in Korea!

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From the moment we met Gina, our manager, in the early morning we were in for a fun-filled day free of worries and cares. Our makeup artists and hairstylists transformed us from grouchy sleepy-heads into bright-faced stars.

koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 4221

At the studio, the photographer and his team maintained a relaxed atmosphere as they took great care to capture us at our most flattering angles. We especially admire their skill in effortlessly making use of the natural light to produce the best effects. Our videographer captured the entire process and condensed the best moments into a short clip that will bring back fond memories of this day for years to come.

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Finally, Gina and our ‘auntie’ were so obliging in their assistance and so helpful in their suggestions that we simply cannot imagine doing this photoshoot without them.

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We highly recommend Ido Wedding for an unforgettable experience!

- Ronald and Trudy -


When we first saw Ido-Wedding 2 years ago, we knew it is what we wanted. Fast forward, it finally came true!

We met Audrey, our consultant in Singapore, during VIZIT Korea in Nov 2013 and signed for the package a few days later. She was really responsive, detailed and friendly. All emails and texts were responded quickly.


On the day of selection of gowns and hair and makeup, Gina and Chris arrived at our hotel before the meeting time, in case we went down early. As we still had time before the appointment, Gina drove us around the area and showed us where the entertainment companies were (JYP, Cube, etc).


At the gown & suit selection, the staffs were very helpful, friendly and fast workers. They paid attention to details and even did my hair. I thank you for finally allowing me to see Jonathan’s expression, when he saw me in a wedding gown.


The photographer and his assistant were so cute and humourous, especially when he did the ladylike poses for me. Felt awkward at first but we quickly warmed up to them and enjoyed the process.


We have just received the original CD for photo selection and we’re pleased with the results! Thank you Ido-Wedding for the awesome experience and great pictures. We will definitely recommend it to everyone else.


Jonathan & Germain


We chance upon I-Do Wedding services through an online search. Being attracted by the sample albums, we left our contact and was shortly contacted by Emily. Emily was the one who explained to us the services available at I-Do Wedding and after consideration and effort by Emily to explain to us how fantastic the photos will be, we decided to engage I-do Wedding’s services.


The trip itself was a memorable one as it is our first trip to Seoul as a couple. We were greeted by Gina and Chris at the hotel and they were really helpful and cheerful team. They went ahead with the schedule promptly and smoothly.


We were impressed by the selection of the bridal studio and salon by I-do wedding. Not only have they chosen one that matches the concept that me and my wife prefer, they also cater to many of our requests on the actual day itself. We were provided with an assistant during the photo shoot day. The assistant was really friendly and helpful. She tended to my wife with utmost professionalism and is always there to help her around when she needed to move in her huge bridal dress.


The studio we selected was Studio 1. On the day itself, we were driven to meet the photographer and her experienced team. They made us feel like we are the stars for the day right from the start. Even though we were not trained to be photo shoot models and have to rely on her help to make some of the more difficult poses, she was very professional and patient with us.


After a long exhausting day, we nevertheless were very happy and felt that our dream was fulfilled. When we gotten the photos, they were really well captured and we are definitely impressed with them, even in their unedited format.


We will definitely recommend I-Do Wedding’s services to any couples who are looking for an extra ordinary bridal shoot experience.

Guo Feng & Stephy



Latest collection of wedding gowns featuring satin A-line gown with lace overlay, luxurious lace mermaid gowns and other classic gowns. Check out the collection below!

Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


Dear IDO wedding,

I had a lively, fun and memorable once-in-a-lifetime pre wedding photo shoot experience with IDO wedding. Being intrigued by the beautiful pre-wedding photographs uploaded on the IDO facebook, it took me no hesitation to sign up a package with Emily. Emily was very patient in going through the kind of packages they offer, asking me what kind of background scenes do I like (romantic? classical? fun? etc) even going through the fine details like what kind of gown i could pick or the kind of make-up or hairstyle i would like to have. On top of that, Emily even offered to book the hotel during my vacation in Seoul recommending a list of hotels i could stay in.

Best_Dave & Maybelline_PYJ_4417 copy

As the days draw nearer to my pre-wedding photoshoot, I met Gina, another colleague from IDO wedding in Seoul. Gina was really helpful in guiding me (together with my fiance) a short tour along the vibrant streets of Gangnam followed by a visit to the hair salon as well as gown fitting. With a variety of beautiful gowns as well as variety of hairstyles to pick from, i was pretty much spoilt for choices. Gina was really patient in advising which gowns to pick and which hairstyles to select, that really eased my headache. During the day of photoshoot, Gina came to pick us from our hotel lobby and accompanied us throughout the whole day of photoshoot. The whole process was light hearted, fun and jovial accompanied with lots of jokes and laughter.

Best_Dave & Maybelline_PYJ_4549 copy

Thank you so much Emily and Gina from IDO wedding for the incredible pre-wedding experience.


Just received our album and giant framed photo! Really happy about the outcome as they turned out to be so so beautiful! We learnt about I-do wedding through a local wedding forum and decided to go for it after looking at the beautiful photos of real life couples. After receiving our very own album, we feel that the money spent and effort of travelling to Korea is all worth it! Not only did we get to enjoy the whole photoshoot process, we also got to have a holiday at the same time!

koreanweddingphotography_DSC04774 copy

Our Korean coordinator, Gina and Chris were really welcoming and friendly. They were really patient with us while we were choosing our gowns and tuxedos. Thanks to them, we were able to communicate with the makeup artist and hairstylist efficiently and they were able to deliver the exact results that we wanted on photoshoot day.

koreanweddingphotography_DSC04461 copy

Our photographer and the entire crew were really funny. They made the entire process effortless and enjoyable. We also wish to extend our thanks to our ever lovely Imo-Nim. She really touched our hearts with her sweet and motherly actions. She took really good care of us during the shoot and was constantly encouraging us with her kind words although her English wasn’t that good. We felt really sad to part with her at the end of the day.

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Our videographer did a really great job in capturing the precious moments during the shoot. Really love the videography style. The video allows us to relive the process all over again. We really recommend Ido-wedding to couples who wish to have a unique and great photoshoot experience! Big thumbs up!


Roy & Jay


Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


Korean Concept Wedding Photography | IDOWEDDING (www.ido-wedding.com) | Tel. +65 6452 0028, +82 70 8222 0852 | Email. askus@ido-wedding.com


Dear IDO-Wedding,

We are so grateful for the services provided by IDO-Wedding. As per their company’s name “I Do Wedding”, and indeed, they really do wedding with high quality of professionalism while providing preparation for couples before saying “I DO”.

koreanweddingphoto_MG_9366 copy

We met up with our manager appointed to us, Gina. She is also our translator, hence they is no language barrier for us. On our first day, she is kind enough to drive us around and pass by various famous entertainments. Follow by salon for hairstyle and make-up discussion, and the bridal studio for gown selection. They hear and understand your needs, and gave professional advices.

koreanweddingphoto_MG_9601 copy

We had indoor and outdoor photography for the next two days accompanied with two managers, Chris and Gina. Both indoor and outdoor photographers are talented, though we have difficulties in posing, they still managed to guide us through the process. They tried to accommodate our requests and made this pre-wedding photoshoot process such a pleasure, fun and stress-free, even the weather turned up at just the right time. Throughout the shoot, we were given an assistant attached to us, she prepared many accessorizes by herself.

koreanweddingphoto_MG_9815 copy

She also assists to help us on the positioning of the gown while we position ourselves. Both my fiancé and I were impressed by her passion and love for her job. Chris managed to take some “behind-the-scene” photos while we were doing our photoshoot. I appreciate it as I wanted that very much.

koreanweddingphoto_20140723_0658 copy

Through their experience and expert guide we now have wonderful and beautiful pre-wedding photos. Every detail exceeded our expectations and was thoroughly impressed with their talents. And they did a few of FOC upgrade for us out of the package. Hence, I am very thankful for what they brought upon us.

koreanweddingphoto_MG_9862 copy

We received our photos 2-3 weeks after the photoshoot, and they are
so lovely. They did an incredibly excellent job and were very professional. We sincerely thank IDO-Wedding for making our pre-wedding photography at Korea dream come true!

Khay Seng & Cheryl


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