Thank you iDo wedding for the fantastic time! We really enjoyed the entire process of the photoshoot. Most of all, thanks for making the best out of everything.

We were looking for something out of the ordinary for our pre-wedding shoots. Michelle came across iDo wedding on the Internet. We were skeptical about an overseas photo shoot at first, but decided to arrange for an appointment to discuss further anyway. Our perceptions changed when Emily and her team made sure we were briefed in details about what packages they had to offer, what to expect, costs as well as what’s inclusive and what’s not and showed us what iDo had to offer. We fell in love with the style and skills that that were in the portfolio and decided to give it a try.

koreanweddingphotography_DSC05281 copy

Fast forward, we’re glad we made that choice! The staffs at iDo were systematic, helpful and very straightforward. There were no hidden costs and everything was laid out in black and white crystal clear, communications was always prompt and straight to the point. More importantly, our photos turned out beautiful, even better then we expected!

koreanweddingphotography_DSC05354 copy

When we touched down in Korea, we contacted Gina our manager and she guided us through the details, on the first day we went for gown testing and also to discuss make-up and hairdo options. 

Second day was for rest while the bridal shop made alterations to the gown. On the third and final day, Gina picked us up in the morning and whisked us off to get make up done, after which, off to the studio we went! The night before our shoot, we didn’t get much sleep having ended up in hospital due to food allergies. However, the friendly, fun and motivated crew helped us get over exhaustion, plain tiredness and made the photoshoot fun and easy! The entire studio setup made us feel like we were filming a Korean drama and the quality of the shots were just as awesome.

koreanweddingphotography_DSC05472 copy

Everything from meetup to make-up, communications, photoshoot and transport (We were chauffeured in a Korean style luxury car ^.^) were all done in a very assuring, systematic and professional way. In short, we would not hesitate to recommend iDo wedding to anyone who is looking for a fun, professional and out of the ordinary experience.

koreanweddingphotography_DSC05367 copy

We would like to thank our manager Gina for being ever so helpful and concerned about us, our tireless “ajummoni” for helping out with the touch-up and attire, also last but not least, the super fun and bubbly studio crew for constantly cracking jokes and making us feel at ease!

Thanks again and hope to be back! 


Firstly, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to IDO wedding for providing such services. The whole process was a memorable one for us.

We really want to thank Audrey, our Singapore consultant for her prompt replies and effort in helping us to liaise with the Korean side with our requests. Audrey has also given us many suggestions and opinions from selecting of the packages to accommodations in Korea.

Best_Zhong Zheng & Percilia_YDH_3203 copy

On our first day in Korea, we went for gown selection and had a discussion about the makeup/hairstyles for the photoshoot.

For gown selection, the bridal assistant would get ready those gowns that you have already selected(a form/survey were used to find out what kind of style or type of gowns you preferred). During the fitting, they would have already taken down your measurements efficiently. Also, they would wear the accessories on you for better imaging the overall look. It was exactly what they do for the variety show “We Got Married”.

Best_Zhong Zheng & Percilia_YDH_3315 copy

Next, we would like to thank our coordinator in Korea, Ms. Ji Sook for picking us up from the hotel to the bridal shop and salon. It was very kind of her sending us to Garosugil after the photoshoot which is off the itinerary. 

Best_Zhong Zheng & Percilia_YDH_3325 copy

Finally, many thanks to our photographer and his assistant, staffs from the salon and Imonim. They are really professionals in their work from what we experienced. We are really happy with the hair and makeup. Applauses for Imonim as she always make sure that you and the gowns are camera ready.

Although we are not professionals in posing for photos, the photographer are very encouraging and did not make us do poses that we are not comfortable with. Hence, the outcome of your photos will turn out to be more natural and not fake. Pretty impressive.

Best_Zhong Zheng & Percilia_YDH_3471 copy

Back in Singapore, unedited files of all photos taken would be sent to you within few days only. Really fast!

IDO was really punctual during the whole timeline in our pre-wedding photography.

Best_Zhong Zheng & Percilia_YDH_3570 copy

With IDO, there are nothing for us to worry as the whole process was smooth and enjoyable. It is sure an unforgettable one too!

Thank you!!
Zhong Zheng & Percilia 


We would like to thank Ido-wedding for the wonderful and memorable experience we had in Korea. We came across Ido-wedding by chance and signed up with them at March 2014’s NATAS fair. Emily was very helpful in helping us to secure a booking with our studio of choice even though the date we wanted was less than 3 months away. Before we signed up, she was clear in explaining the procedures and clauses before we committed to it. After that, it was quite a hassle-free process. We met up with Emily once before our trip for a briefing so that we would know what to expect. The next thing we knew, we were in Korea! We met the helpful and friendly Chris and Gina who were with us for the entire one and a half days for the gown selection and photo- shooting process.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_7970 copy

Chris and Gina gave helpful comments for our styling and translated for us when we needed help communicating with the stylists and photographer. They were also really nice to chat with. Our assistant for the day was a very motherly guardian who took care of all our needs, making us feel like a prince and princess. They were very worried that we will get a cold during the night scene at the pool, and every time my wife came out from the pool, Gina will wrap a towel around her. 

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8393 copy

We had expected our photographers to be serious-looking Koreans but we could not be more wrong. At our photo shoot were two bubbly and cheerful ladies who brought so much fun and laughter during the entire process. We will always remember the cheerful way they say “Solo, small smile, big smile, chin-up, left, right, okay!”

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8010 copy

To our surprise, the photographer didn’t mind the hard work and we had the opportunity to take many shots and scenes which we did not expect. It was also touching to mention that everyone skipped their dinner in order to finish up our photo shoot. The professionalism displayed by all was commendable. It was kind of sad for us to part with one another with hugs and well-wishes.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8181 copy

It was an experience that we will never forget. Thank you Ido-wedding :)

Wei Ding & Jaclyn 


Pernikahan belum lengkap rasanya tanpa adanya foto pre-wedding yang akan membawa banyak memori dimasa depan. Setiap pasangan pasti memiliki gaya dan kesukaan masing – masing dalam memilih apa yang mereka inginkan, sama halnya dengan saya dan pasangan saya memilih IDO Wedding.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8369 copy

Diawali dengan pertemuan dengan Emily di wedding exhibition di Jakarta. Emily sangat professional, setiap pertanyaan dijelaskan secara details dan bahkan on the spot dobel konfirm kepada pihak Korea ketika kita sudah deal dengan mereka. Komunikasi dengan Emily via email maupun telephone tidak menjadi masalah sedikit pun, walaupun kita berada di negara yang berbeda. Emily sangat sabar dan bertanggung jawab. Yang paling berkesan adalah pertemuan terakhir, Emily secara pribadi menyempatkan waktunya untuk ketemu secara langsung menyerahkan original disc kepada saya di Jakarta. Emily sudah seperti seorang teman bagi kita ^^

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8434 copy

Selain Emily, ada beberapa orang lainnya yang sangat membantu kita di Korea. Salah satunya adalah Gina. Gina sebagai kordinator pribadi kita di Korea sangat membantu dalam hal menjadi translator ketika meeting dengan make up artist, bridal gown, bahkan photographer. Gina disela kesibukannya, membawa kita keliling daerah Gangnam dan menunjukkan office SM-Town dan beberapa office management lain ( bagi yang suka K- pop, bole ya nungguin artist favorit disini hahhaa… ). Gina juga banyak memberi info mengenai toko/lokasi untuk perlengkapan wedding di Korea. Helpful dan super caring.

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8531 copy

Yang paling menakjubkan bagi kita itu make up artist dan bridal gownnya, cara kerja orang korea sangat professional dan sangat details.Gak pernah menyangka sesi photography jadi super fun dan enjoy karena sang photographer yang super kocak dan berusaha membuat kita nyaman dan gak merasa kaku, tegang. Setiap angle hasilnya luar biasa di tangan sang photographer. Two Thumbs up buat skill dan cara kerja mereka!

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8647 copy

Last but not least, orang terakhir yang paling membantu adalah si helper ” I-mo ” ( dlm bahasa korea ). Si i-mo super kocak dan helpful banget dari bantu megangin gaun, bantu pakein tuxedo, bow tie, gonta ganti accessories, touch up, pakein heels sampai cara duduk juga diperhatikan. Kita serasa prince and princess ketika bersama i-mo.. ” gong zhu. …. xin lang…. ” begitulah panggilan si i-mo buat kita ( patut dirindukan sang i-mo hahahahah )

koreanweddingphotography_IMG_8606 copy

So, sekali lagi THANK YOU buat IDO Wedding and team telah memberikan pengalaman yang menarik dan tak terlupakan. U Guys keep Rocking! !

Buat para bride dan groom to be yang lagi nyari nyari photographer service, recommended banget.

Thanks – Sutopo & Yumiko 


Dear IDO Wedding, thanks for arranging this wonderful pre-wedding photoshoot for me and my fiancee. You have been very professional throughout the entire process, taking care of everything for us while we are in Seoul. The plans were detailed and thorough, leaving us with nothing to worry about.

koreanweddingphotography_H13A9728 copy

Our first challenge was language, as we do not speak Korean well and had difficulty communicating with the locals. That didn’t bother us because our translator was always there to help us. We were able to communicate our preferences for the wedding gown and hairstyle precisely, which was very important to ensuring a successful shoot.

koreanweddingphotography_H13A9558 copy

On the shooting day, everything was very punctual and we have to thank IDO for their precise planning. The hairstylists were very capable at their task and we felt like celebrities in the process. At the wedding studio, our photographer was very hilarious and he kept us laughing throughout the shoot. It was especially important towards the end of the shoot as fatigue starts taking a toll on us and we were struggling to put on a big smile. Our helper was also very energetic and she is always there to help us change our hairstyles and moving around in the gown. Overall, the day went perfectly and we have greatly appreciate IDO for their amazing planning.

koreanweddingphotography_H13A9334 copy

We wish to specially thank our translator, Chris, for his patience and sincerity throughout the shoot. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Marc & Ei Mo 


Our experience with ido wedding was a short three day affair, but it is something that will stay in our hearts for a long time. The first of the three days is trying out and deciding on our suits and gowns, which they will be altered on the second day, lastly the third day being the photoshoot.

Koreanweddingphoto_Best_0515_DSC08847 copy

Just like every couple, we were excited about putting on the suits and gowns after choosing some preliminary ones via our local consultant. As this is the first time we were both wearing such attires, the assistants in the shop were helpful and patient with us, giving us a helping hand whenever needed. Gina our correspondent in Korea was there to give her opinions which more often than not were useful and constructive. Other than trying out gowns, Gina brought us to meet our make-up artist and hairstylist to discuss about the make-up.

Koreanweddingphoto_Best_0515_DSC08981 copy

On the day of the photoshoot we were nervous, excited and all sorts of mixed feelings as we were not sure what to expect. However, upon meeting our photographer and his assistant we felt a sigh of relief. He was friendly, polite and full of smiles. Subsequently he welcomed us and had a short chat with us, and letting us how will the flow of the photoshoot be like, assuring us that it will be fun and playful. Sure enough, the photoshoot turned out to be one of the most refreshing events in our lives, we thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

Koreanweddingphoto_Best_0515_DSC08598 copy

Once again, thank you very much ido wedding.

Lee Heng & Yvonne 


A special thanks to Audrey and Gina for their excellent service and planning of this entire photo-shoot. Everything went smoothly according to plan with perfect timing.


During the first day with them, Gina brought us to the bridal apartment for the selection of gowns and suits follow by a consultation with the hairstylist. We were very happy and impressed by the selection of gowns as they were of excellent quality. The bridal assistant who help Hueyling with the gowns were very professional and they were attentive to her needs and requirements.

koreanweddingphoto_827A3130 copy

During the day of the shoot, we were very appreciative to the team, the hairstylist and the make-up artist. Prior to our consultation with them the day before, they knew that our photo studio is quite far away from the city area, so they came to work as early as 6.30am to attend to us. They took their time and made sure we looked good that day. The bridal assistant that were assigned to us that day by the bridal company also provided Hueyling with plenty of accessories as well, including earrings, tiara, hair clips, etc. Overall, we were very impressed and happy with the service by the team.


Lastly, the studio is really amazing. The level of creativity and thought put into each scene is truly unique and enchanting. The photographer and his assistant were very professional and they made us feel very comfortable while taking the shots. The smiles in our pictures will show how we enjoyed the session.

Thank you and Regards,

Jonathan & Hueyling 


Dear IdoWedding

Keep up the good work! Every step of the way we were well taken care of and never doubted our choice. Overall the quality and professionalism of our IdoWedding package was well worth it and we were not disappointed. We would love to do another studio as they were all so amazing and it was difficult to choose. We will be recommending IdoWedding to anyone who cares to ask.

Best_James & Chaalene_DSC04126 copy

Thank you to Mr Son the studio photographer for leading us so well in all the scenes, even though we had no idea what to do! It was such fun and your style and patience really made the difference between a stressful shoot and a fun one. The pre-decorated scenes were all lovely! Mr Son was super-efficient and skilled. He was very good at helping us even though we spoke only a few words of Korean, Mr Son your poses and demonstrations were perfect!

Best_James & Chaalene_DSC04443 copy

Thanks Gina for being such a nice and helpful manager in Seoul! She even helped us take an extra few casual photos even though it wasn’t her responsibility, thanks so much for that. We were kept informed about everything and Gina got us got to all the appointments on time, good driving! 

Best_James & Chaalene_DSC04480 copy

Thanks also to Audrey in Singapore for friendly and prompt communications on everything, and looking after us well.

Thanks to everyone who helped with our makeup, hair and costumes. Especially Imo-nim for everything, Imo-nim was so friendly and really made us feel comfortable, and was so skilful with the makeup and costume adjustments. She was so good that we didn’t even notice that our accessories were changed during intervals!

Best_James & Chaalene_DSC04197 copy

Overall, experience with IdoWedding was DAEBAK! ^^


James & Charlene 


We would like to thank IDO-Wedding for making our pre-wedding photoshoot possible, fun and memorable as well. From time to time, we will keep reminiscing back the whole process in Korea and how we wish we could do it all over again.

We really love watching korean dramas, so when we were still deciding on which bridal and where should we take our photoshoot, i tried to google and read some forums on feedbacks for a few of the different bridals that provide korean concept photoshoot. From reading through forums to looking at their Facebook photos, we got to know about IDO-weddings and many positive feedbacks about them as well. And so we waited for Natas Fair and immediately sign-up with them.

koreanweddingphoto_1666 copy

Everytime during our meet ups with Emily, she was really patient and tried her best to answer all our queries. She was also clear in telling us all the costs that’s needed if we get this or that, absolutely no hidden cost.

When we were in Korea for our photoshoot, our Manager aka Interpreter Ji Sook was really punctual and waiting at our hotel lobby and welcoming us with a big smile. A very nice and patient lady and a beautiful mum, who drove us to the bridal shop and salon for consultation. After the consultation, she showed us around some of the places and gave us more information about cherry blossom festivals which we planned to go. She was very friendly and patient and we were very thankful that she is there from our day 1 till the end of the photoshoot day. 

koreanweddingphoto_1717 copy

At the beauty salon, i’m amazed at how professional it is, from our hair to the make-up and we are treated like VIPs. My makeup look really natural and i love how they curl my hair as well. During choosing of the crown, the hair assistant is also very sweet to let me choose my crown and earrings and helping me to pin it up beautifully.

koreanweddingphoto_1682 copy

Our bridal assistant, Imo-nim, was really attentive and cute throughout the photoshoot (I’m missing her already). She will call me gong-zhu every time and makes me feel so loved and well taken care of. She will help us change gowns/tuxedos and accessories as well. Ji Sook was very nice to help us take some photos with our phones and it turns out very nice.

koreanweddingphoto_1435 copy

Our photographer, a young and beautiful lady, is very professional and guide us how to pose and we love how our photos turned out.

Our videographer is also very professional and make us feels so comfortable during the photoshoot that we did not notice he is capturing us in his video.

koreanweddingphoto_1479 copy

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for making it possible with their professionalism and great services throughout our photoshoot. So glad that we make the right decision in choosing IDO-wedding.

Thank you very much! Bryan & Yumi 


Dear IDOwedding,

We would like to thank IDOwedding team for the making our pre wedding photoshoot so memorable. We first got to know about IDOWedding at the Natas Fair. We were looking for an overseas bridal shoot and we there we met Emily who greeted us enthusiastically and explained the whole package to us and showed us sample photo albums of Jeju and Seoul studios.

koreanweddingphoto_DSC02597 copy

It was tough picking among so many excellent studios ! We settled on one initially but decided on another when we had our first meeting to confirm the studio. During that meeting, we also decided on the bridal gown which we wanted for the photoshoot in Seoul. Emily then explained the process and what to expect when we got to Seoul. IDOWedding also has a selection of hotels which we could pick to stay near the studio and they provided transport to and fro from the hotel to the studio.

koreanweddingphoto_DSC02774 copy

When we were in Seoul , we liaised with the local manager Gina. She was very friendly and helped us to translate our needs to the hair stylist and the photographer during the day of the shoot. She was very cheerful and always punctual in our meetings. 

During the photo shoot , we had a bridal assistant named i-mo to helps us. She was a friendly and motherly lady who helped us to retouch our make up, change our accessories and made sure we look the best on the camera.

koreanweddingphoto_DSC02972 copy

And last but not least , we would like to thank our photographer. They made sure we were comfortable and took many nice photos and ensured we had a good time during the shoot. It was difficult to choose the photos for our album as all the pictures are really well taken and we would love to keep them all in the album if possible.

We would definitely recommend anyone who is keen to have their photo shoot in Korea to sign up for idowedding.

Idowedding is fabulous! Thank You.
Alex & Sara 


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