Sakura Tree - Korean Wedding

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This is the official blog of IDOWEDDING, the only provider of Korean Concept Wedding Photography for Singapore and Asia.

Every couple who comes to us eventually becomes our good friends. It’s such a joy to have been there for the most important phase of their new lives.  Apart from the joy that we share, we found we also enjoy sharing something with them. Conversations.

We love talking with our clients and friends, it ensures a lovely wedding photo shoot.

So, right on this blog, we are going to share with you just what makes a perfect Korean Concept Wedding Photography. Of course, we are also going to share exclusive Korean styling and fashion tips from our partners in Korea so that you can be the prettiest couple ever for our shoot!

For a healthy dose of entertainment and bragging rights, we will also share the latest Korean celebrity wedding news. After all, K-Pop and its beautiful celebrities with their megawatt charm are what really inspires us to help you look like a celebrity!

Finally, just so that you can fully take in and enjoy your Korean celebrity photography experience with us, we will share basic Korean cultural & tour information. We’ve been told our adventurous couples love to venture out of Seoul to far far Korean provinces to trace the roots of the Joseon dynasty and embark on their little romantic adventure.

Keep a lookout for our blogs!

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