Why Korean Concept Wedding Photography 韓國創意婚紗攝影

Many clients asked how we started offering this service. Actually, the company’s owners started off looking for unique and creative Singapore Wedding Photography studios instead of Korean ones for their own weddings. However, after years of exposure to Esplanade and even Port Dickson at wedding banquets, beautiful places in their own right, albums got rather common.

Chancing upon a Korean wedding album of one of their close friends, the contrast between Korean wedding albums and Singapore ones was stark. Being in Korea for years, they had not realised the beauty of those albums. They were based on several interesting themes.

Classical, Elegant, Romantic or even Fun! I mean we have theme parks or theme food courts, but theme wedding albums?

It was a far cry compared to plain old standard wedding albums. It’s kinda like how a Lamborghini grabs attention amidst a fleet of black Japanese marques.

The choice was obvious. It had to be a Korean wedding album for our intrepid Korean owners. Many local friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends yadda yadda who had seen their album at their wedding dinner and even Facebook were hooked.

The rest as they say is history and now the service is available to Singaporeans as well.

Not only that, the owners also felt the service standards in the Singapore wedding photography industry can be raised. That added more resolve to their quest.

What about the term Korean Concept Wedding Photography? Well, it took many days of grey matter processing before the term was finally coined. Finally, the company’s history in a few words.

It’s time for us to move on to the stuff that matters. Korean news… Stay tuned~!

Cheers, SaRaNg HeYo!

Korean Winter Wedding Photography

"brrrr...brrrr" It sure is cold on a rooftop in Korea, but have love, will conquer all!

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