Top 5 Romantic Activities in Seoul

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For our clients and those who love exploring Seoul or Korea, you might find this list useful!

1)   Take a quiet walk up Namsan and visit the N Tower. Pledge your love to each other with “locking” it with a locket.
2)   Take a quiet beautiful walk at the Bukchon Hanok Village and marvel at the beautiful architecture and rich heritage behind the designs.

3)   Take a walk along Cheonggyecheon when night falls and be thrilled by the fairy-like lights.

4)   Take a slow leisurely walk to take in the fall foliage (only until mid November) at the following locations

a.    Vicinity of Deoksu Palace (덕수궁)

b.     Vicinity of Gyeongbok Palace

Pick a few leaves and make a beautiful bookmark to capture your wonderful romance and adventure in Korea for posterity or just run and kick the leaves. ^^

5) Cycling along one of Korea’s scenic paths. Highly recommended would be Yeouido Park. If the stunning waterfront doesn’t thrill you, then the dance of the evening sun on the calm waters will captivate you. Feel the breeze in your hair and jump along with the warm dappled glow on the paths under the trees.  Rental of bicycles are available as well.

There is one last romantic thing to do though! The sixth…drumrolls…….

Do number 1 – 5 and then take your unique Korean concept wedding photography in Korea. What an unforgettable adventure!

Photo credits of KTO.

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