Korea Wedding Hairstyling Tips

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Hair Styling Tips for Korean wedding photo

At IDOWEDDING, we have had many brides asking for hair extensions for their Korea Wedding shoot. For the uninitiated, they may not know it’s a pretty long process.

Yes, we agree that having long hair gives you many hair styling options, but…

However, there are just as many choices for shoulder length hair. In fact, it may sometimes be more versatile and fun to style and experiment with.

Look at the above pictures, same bride same hair length but 4 different looks. All it takes is some nice waves with a curling iron! Most importantly, you must be comfortable with your hair style so you’ll really shine for your shoot and album.

We also covered hair braiding for those who are into them. For more tips and the photos, check out our Facebook wall – www.facebook.com/idowed



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