Korea Wedding Photo by IDOWEDDING | Phijit & Nutcha

To Ido-Wedding:


It is such a wonderful experience to have Ido-wedding becoming a part of our wedding ceremonial. 

We were quite uncertain about Ido-Wedding at first because none of our friends had heard about Ido-wedding. However, looking at the website, feed-backs, comments and the facebook pages, we decided to take a chance. Not only Ido-Wedding did not disappoint us, the team gave us more than what we expected. We were told later that we were the first couple from Thailand to ever taken wedding photos with Ido-Wedding.

korean prewedding photography1

Firstly, I would like to thank Emily for being a great and kind coordinator who helped us with any questions we had. She made it the procedures very clear for us to proceed and gave us informations on what we need. It would not be possible for us to shoot these photos without her. 

korean prewedding photography5 

Next, we met Gina, who showed us around the places, salon, dress shop, etc. She was friendly and nice. She helped us with any problems we had, whether it is about photo-shooting or not.
She even took photos of us with her cellphone and sent them to us while we were taking photos with the photographer. We think it was really kind of her. 

korean prewedding photography7
Also, the salon staff was really gentle and assisted us all the way, even at the photo-shooting.
While it was not her obligation, She helped us keeping warm with her blanket when we were resting. The weather was really cold (-5 C). That made us feel impressed.  We did not quite get her name because we were not introduced properly but we felt really thankful for that. 

korean prewedding photography13
The make-up and the hairstyle was awesome and the dresses and gown were beautiful and nice.
We had tried many but we could not decide at first because they are all great.
Lastly, we would like to thank the photographer and his assistant for their friendliness.
They kept us smiling while we were shooting and we still smile even now with great photos that they took. The photos were very beautiful and the set up was great. 

korean prewedding photography14
Ido-Wedding have given us wonderful experience which we can never forget. 

Not only photos were great but the process of making them, the staffs, the set-up,
the friendliness, the services, the assistance have made us feel warm-hearted, even after the shooting ended. 



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