Korean Wedding Photo by IDOWEDDING | Ian & Dawnie

To Ido Wedding Team:

A big thank you to Ido Wedding Team for arranging our wedding photo-shoot in less than a month! Our wedding was around the corner and we initially did not plan for a wedding photo-shoot. Having found out about Ido Wedding online, we decided to go for a short vacation to Korea on impulse. It was an exciting photo-shoot trip and it would not be possible without the dedication of the entire team, photographers & videographers.Korean Wedding Photography 26S
Our coordinator in Singapore, Emily, is a miracle worker! Most studios would have rejected our request due to our tight schedules; however Emily stayed positive and helped on all the necessary arrangements to make the trip a reality. Despite her busy schedule, she always make time to meet with us to work on the details and update. Within 2 weeks, we settled our flight and accommodation and we are off to Korea on the 4th week. Thank you for the excellent communication!Korean Wedding Photography 27
Arriving at Korea, we were greeted by Gina, our Korean coordinator. She helped us through the entire process from gown selection, make-up and actual photo-shoot day. Her coordination made the entire experience fun and lively in Korea. Thank you for ferrying us and accompanying us to the destinations!
Korean Wedding Photography 10S
One first stop was the bridal shop was located at the area of Apgujeong. We tried on 9 gowns and 4 suits and the studio staffs were patient and helpful throughout the process. In addition, a mini-gown was provided as service to us for our photo-shoot as we were attended slightly later due to an earlier customer. Overall the service and experience is highly professional and commendable.
The next stop was the bridal salon was stylist and the makeover experience was different from those available in Singapore. There was a trial make-up session prior to the actual photo-shoot and we had several styles to choose with ready consultation given.
Korean Wedding Photography 09S
On the actual day, we had a fun time with the photographer team and videographers! Our photographer kept the entire session fun and keeps making us smile. It was an entire day event but our spirits were kept high by the whole team. The studio was versatile with many different setting and props. Even though we do not know the language, communications were made clear with the help of Gina and the photographing team with their nuances of English ☺. Lastly a special mention of thanks to the bride assistant who helped looked after us and maintain our appearance!
Korean Wedding Photography 04S
Thank you Ido Wedding team for making the effort to make our “impossible” trip possible! 감사합니다!

With thanks and appreciation,
Ian & Dawnie

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