Korean Wedding Photo by IDOWEDDING | Adrian & Alice

Thank you, IDO Wedding for the successful completion of our wedding photography!

koreanweddingphoto_idowedding6700Ms Emily has been helpful from the pre-sale enquiry to the pre-photography consultation. She assisted us in arriving at the desired theme for my wedding photography. Knowing that it is the first time my spouse and  myself is visiting Korea for the first time, she went on the extra mile to get us tourist information and share with us useful travelling tips before we depart for Korea.  

She also took into consideration our preference for warm weather when she propose the dates for the phototaking. Emily displayed great patient in walking us the details of the photography and also the things to look out for. koreanweddingphoto_idowedding6770At Korea, Ms Gina was prompt in contacting us and quickly establish the contacts to ensure the preparation and the actual photo-taking is carried out based on schedule. My spouse and myself was appreciative of her helpfulness when we asked for directions in Seoul. She is a patient driver and we are impress by her driving skills when she nagivated tight corners during heavy traffic. She was forthcoming in her comments during the preparation day, from selection of the gowns to the image consultancy. She also took care of the details during the make-up.

Together with the lady assistant, Gina made the photography session enjoyable and lessen the tiredness that came with it. She was able to help us communicate effectively to the photographer and made useful suggestions to the photography concept.koreanweddingphoto_idowedding6743My spouse and I are greatly appreciative of her effort in ensuring the photo-taking session goes on smoothly.

Once again, thank you Emily, Gina & the rest of the team in making our wedding photography a memorable and pleasant one! 

From Alice & Adrian

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