Korean Wedding Photography by IDOWEDDING | Aubrey & Kailin

A big thank you to the IDO Wedding teams in Singapore and in Seoul! The service standards of IDO Wedding were excellent – from our meet-ups in Singapore to our time in Seoul, South Korea. koreanweddingphoto_2198During our meet-ups in Singapore, the company’s representative, Emily was knowledgeable and was prompt in her replies. She was able to clearly explain the various charges and packages. She even went the extra mile to recommend places of interest to visit while we were at Korea and assisted to help us book the hotel rooms at no extra charges.

There were some unexpected hiccups just before our trip to Seoul and Emily attempted to resolve the issue for us. During our stay in Seoul, she was in close contact with us to ensure that we were comfortable and made sure that we were well taken care off. koreanweddingphoto_2055Initially we were a little afraid of the language barrier; however, we realized that things were not so bad after meeting up with Gina. Gina was our coordinator and translator in Seoul. She took great care of us –constantly adjusting the temperature of the car interiors and our seats to ensure that we were comfortable (we went in the winter time!). Gina’s jovial nature put us at ease as she brought us around to the makeup studio and the bridal studio. The staffs at the studios were very experienced and we just went with their recommendations. koreanweddingphoto_1925During the actual day of the shoot, we had a lady who followed us throughout. We called her “Imo”, meaning Aunty in Korean. She was like a motherly figure to us. During the outdoor shoots, she would standby with thick jackets and would rush over to cover us during the short intervals. I was told she was standing in front of the heaters and was trying to heat up the jackets so that we could feel immediate warmth the moment we put them on! 

Our photographer, Ms Lim and her helper was hilarious! They were laughing and smiling all the time which really lifted our spirits after a few tiring hours of shoot! Their constant encouragement and praise made us feel like seasoned models although it was our first time taking such photos and we were feeling all tensed up! koreanweddingphoto_2185Overall, it was a pleasant and memorable experience during our time in Seoul for the photo taking session.  We would definitely recommend others to try this photo-shoot-in-Seoul package!

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