Korean Wedding Photography by IDOWEDDING | Jemus & Shanloo

Dear I-Do Wedding Team

Thank you I-Do wedding team for making my wedding photo different from the normal Singapore wedding photo scenery scene. We are attracted to the Fun & Playful concept and decided to go ahead when it’s 2 times more costly compare to photo taking in Singapore.korean wedding photography_js12Ji Young our Singapore consultant is very patient and fast in answering back all our queries. Before we depart to Korea, she gave us a lot of useful information on shopping areas, eateries, places of interest in Korea. Without her useful guide we will be lost in Korea.

Many thanks to Gina our manager in Korea for driving us around to the bridal shop and make up studio. So nice of her to buy us Korea sushi for lunch on our photo shoot day.korean wedding photography_js23The bridal studio assistant is very patient and helps me select a lot of different gown for me to try on. Their professional knowledge helps speed up the selection process very fast. We are very impress by the make up team, the whole table is full of branded cosmetic. They took care of every single detail, applying protection cream on my face before apply the foundation. To me this is a very important step as it will protect my face from the heavy make up.korean wedding photography_js20We are treated like superstar during the actual photo shoot day. The bridal assistant follows me around taking care of every single detail, helping to manage my hair, changing my hair accessory, helping to hold my high heel shoe when I am walking in slipper. The service from her is really superb.

Not forgetting our friendly photographer, he knows we are very nervous and can’t position ourselves well so he tried to make us feel confident and jokes a lot with us to make us feel more relax. The photo he takes is very nice, he know which angle to shoot to show our best side. He is a very fun person, always teaching us make many different expression.korean wedding photography_js26

Thank you I-Do wedding for all the services provided to make our wedding photo such a nice and extraordinary one. We had a good memory for our pre-wedding photo taking experience in Korea and will introduce your service to our friends.


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