Korean Wedding Photography by IDOWEDDING | Wei Wen & Merlyn

Dear IDO Wedding, 

Thank you giving us such a wonderful and enjoyable experience for our photoshoot.koreanweddingphoto_idowedding2075

Firstly, I would like to thank Emily who has been always patient in answering our many questions and giving us detailed explanations and advices on things that are needed for example, which hotels to book, what to bring, the schedules for the photoshoot and places around the area where we can shop and has also always promptly returned our emails.


Secondly, we would like to thank Gina who had been bringing us around in Korea for the choosing of the gowns and tux , makeup and the photoshoot. She had also make a detour while she drove us back to hotel around apujeong area just to help guide us where we can go around during our free time.  On the first day, Gina had brought us to choose our gowns and tux, while there were just too many beautiful gowns to choose from and it made me pretty indecisive on which to choose but with the patience and great advices from the ladies in the shop and Gina, they helped me to choose the gowns which in the end made me really happy when I saw how the photos came out. I would also like to thank the lady who had followed us during the photoshoot day, she was the nicest lady ever. During the whole photoshoot, she kept helping me to look out for any untidiness, assisted me while I was walking in those unbearable heels, when there was no shooting of me she would always quickly put on the fur coat that they provided for me.


Lastly, We would like to thank the photographer ‘Woon Bin’ (as he named himself), who had made the photoshoot so much enjoyable and relaxing for the both us. He kept making jokes and saying funny stuffs, making the atmosphere really enjoyable while at the same time taking amazing pictures that just wow us.

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