It has been a month ever since we came back from Korea. We really like the service I have received from IDO as we were treated like VIPs and this is also one of the reasons why I took up IDO despite having a local wedding package.

koreanweddingphotography_cc2226Since I took up the package quite late, the dates available to me between the fitting and photoshoot day was quite far apart. Therefore, we will need to go to the bridal studio by ourselves on the first day when we arrived at Korea. Luckily, the bridal studio was not difficult to locate and we managed to reach early.

koreanweddingphotography_cc2147 koreanweddingphotography_cc2164When we reach the bridal studio, we were greeted with warm hospitality from the owner. The gowns selection were beautiful. Since I do not have a slim figure like other brides, I was worried if I could find one that is suitable. They did let me tried a couple of wedding dresses and I even managed to try a mermaid cut wedding gown which I thought I could not fit in at all. Overall, the bridal selection was fun and I did managed to pick 2 beautiful white gowns with pretty long train and 1 evening gown that has a mermaid cut. I had a short gown too but the selection was limited as Korea’s focus more on white long gowns.

koreanweddingphotography_cc2304So, on the day of the photoshoot which is our second last day at Korea, we were very excited and tired because we went to Jinhae to see Cherry Blossoms on the previous day. A tip for IDO couples is don’t do activities that are too tedious or go to places too far away before the day of the photoshoot. Because of the tiredness and the cold weather, I have pretty bad outbreaks on my face and frost bites on my thighs. However, with the professional skills from the makeup artists, I still managed to transform into a beautiful bride. My husband also received fantastic makeover that most of my friends thought he was a celebrity. Hehe…

koreanweddingphotography_cc2513Overall, the photoshoot was fun and we don’t worry if we don’t know how to pose because the photographers were very professional and teach us how to pose like models. The bridal assistant also did a fantastic job by converting the 3 gowns that I had into different styles. Gina, our translator cum manager also gave us a great hospitality by helping us to take some behind the scenes photos and bought food for us to eat.

koreanweddingphotography_cc25633 weeks after our photoshoot, we have received our wedding photos from IDO. It was about 400+ photos which I think is a lot and really worth it because local wedding studio do not even provide original CD photos. But the photo selection was pretty easy for us because we already know what we wanted. However, I realized that some of the favourite scenes of my photoshoot were not taken. Though I was a bit disappointed, it was still a great experience as the photos were taken professionally.

koreanweddingphotography_cc02586Lastly, I would still like to thank IDO team for doing a good job. Now, I really can’t wait to receive my wedding album and my pre-wedding video.


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