Dear Ido-Wedding

Thank you Emily, Gina, the bridal shop staff, the photographer and the team for your professionalism.

Emily was very patient in explaining to us the different wedding shoot themes, choices of gowns, booking of flights and accommodations during our meet-up sessions. She was fast in answering our queries and firmly ironed out hiccups that came along the way. 

IMG_3119 copyGina was very thoughtful and made sure we did not catch a cold while photo shooting. She drove us around and made us felt like VIPs. We were very safe in her hands.

The bridal shop staff was very attentive and detailed. She made sure it was hassle free for us so that we can enjoy the photo shoot. She managed our gowns and suits, makeup, hairstyle and even helped us with our bags. The photographer was witty and made the photo shoot process really fun.

IMG_3284 copyWe are very satisfied with the photographs and highly recommend you to experience your pre-wedding photo shoot with Ido-Wedding!

Thank you once again for the beautiful fond memories we had in Seoul. We are really appreciative of you!


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