Dear IDO wedding,

It was a great experience to have you as a part of our love celebration. Choosing you as our wedding photo planner will never be a regret. Your professionalism deserve all thumbs up, your creativity  distinguishes you from the others, and most of all..your perfectionism drives you to the customer’s satisfaction. Well done IDO!!

koreanweddingphotography_ps2203Dear Emily, 

Thank you for your assistance during all of our consultation sessions. Without your help, we will be facing a lot of difficulties arranging our photo trip. You make it all way much easier for us. Thank you for your patience in handling us and  provide us with every little details that we need to know. I know it’s a bit frustrating to handle a customer who is over 850 miles away across the country, but that just shows how dedicated you are to your customers.. *thumbs up*

koreanweddingphotography_ps2322And last but not least, to our dear manager Gina..

Thank you for being such a helpful manager during our photo session with wonkyu+. Thank you for your great hospitality, you’ve made our trip a very memorable  one. Thank you for your kindness, assisting us in everything we need, everything we want (especially in the Bridal shop) ^^v

koreanweddingphotography_ps2379And also, we would like to say thank you to Ms. Song Na Gyoung our photographer and her assistance who made a really great photos for us.

And also, big thanks to our “immonim” who are being so helpful and kind during our photo session.

koreanweddingphotography_ps2500IDO Wedding..you and your team are doing a really great job!! Wishing you all success ahead you and in everything you do. ^^ 

Warm regards,

Paul and Shelvy


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