We first knew about Korean concept wedding when watching korean variety show, “we got married”. We were thinking that how fabulous would that be if we ever had a chance to experience this type of wedding photoshoot once in our lifetime. We were searching for reputable and good photography company in Singapore who could provide us such service but to no avail until we stumbled into the a few agents that provide korean concept wedding. After much consideration, we chose IDO-Wedding after consultation with Emily. IDO-Wedding not only provided us the best price package(with no hidden charge), natural photography effect and also provided one stop solution for us.

koreanweddingphotography_sl03The whole package consist of assisting us to book photography studio, hotel accommodation, transportation,  hair and makeup image consulting session, trying of bridal gowns and tuxedos. They engaged people like the photographer, photographer’s assistant, hair stylist, make up artist, bridal studio manager, Bridal helper and videographer.

koreanweddingphotography_sl04Our manager, Gina met us at the hotel and drove us to the bridal boutique. We learnt some basic Korean language from Gina on our way to the boutique. We arrived at the bridal boutique  in a posh sedan like a V.I.P. We had fun trying the gowns and tuxedos as there was a large and wide walk-in wardrobe which looked like a platform stage with curtain. The bride was inside changing into different gowns with the help of Imo (bridal shop assistant). We were very satisfied with the wide range of beautiful gown collection. However, it could be better if there were more choices for the tuxedo collection. Beverages were served and the groom was seated on the sofa waiting for the bride to be ready. After trying of gowns and tuxedos, Gina drove us to a hair and makeup salon. The salon gave professional advice of what kind of hair style and makeup suitable for our face shapes.

koreanweddingphotography_sl05On the day of photo shoot, we certainly felt like celebrities that day, as everything was well organized. Imo was a patient person just like a personal assistant to us. She was very detailed and brought comfortable shoes for the bride to wear on the way to the studio. During the cold weather outdoor photo shoot which is about 6 degrees celsius.  Imo ensured that the bride would not catch a cold by preparing shawl and warm water for the bride. As we opt for night scene shoot as well, our photo shoot lasted the entire day, we did not have time for any proper meals during whole day photo shoot. Do prepare some small bites or sandwiches for the photo shoot day. They were very professional and caring to our needs. Etc. Holding the bride, ensured bride would not fall when walking down steep stairway. We also liked the idea that the changing room in the photo shoot studio had both our names on the board at the door.
koreanweddingphotography_sl14We were astonished that the indoor photography studio could be transformed into many different scene. Posing in front of camera is a breeze for us, as the photographer guided us how to pose. He was humorous, quick and agile to capture the right angle at the right time. He made us comfortable in front of the lens and he had his way of making us showing our natural real smiles in front of the camera. The videographer was friendly and very focus in making the video of us.

koreanweddingphotography_sl19In general, this was an unforgettable and enjoyable experience in our lifetime. We sincerely thanks the entire IDO-Wedding team for making our dreams come true and the photo+video shoot a successful one!

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