Dear IDO Wedding

Thank you for the fun & enjoyable photoshoot experience that we had at Jeju!

koreanweddingphotography_yjMy fiancé & I had decided to take our pre-wedding photoshoot in Jeju as we love the Korean style and the beautiful sky & ocean scenery. We came across IDO Wedding during our online search and decided to arrange a meet up with their representative, Ms Emily. Although the packages were mainly for Seoul, we decided to engage them as we felt the pricing was reasonable. She also helped to make arrangement with the Jeju studio to pick us up from our hotel, which was very sweet of her.

koreanweddingphotography_yj061Even though it was already April, the weather was still very cold and windy. Due to our tight schedule, the choosing of gowns, tuxedos and photoshoot was done all in one day. It was a little rush but still manageable. We were lucky to have a great team with us, allowing the photoshoot to go on smoothly with lots of fun and laughter.

koreanweddingphotography_yj122We would like to give our heartfelt appreciation to the following people who have made this photoshoot a really memorable one. Mr Lee Hyen Soo, our photographer, who has created the relaxing atmosphere for us. His cheerfulness and constant praising really made the whole process enjoyable and to our surprise he speaks very fluent English. Ms Kim In Young, our Mandarin translator, who tried her best to translate everything for us. She even offered to take candid photos for us using her handphone and sent them to us after that. Ms Kim Hyo Jung, my outdoor makeup artist & hairstylist, who was thoughtful enough to bring along a bottle of home brew hot coffee to keep us warm.Both of the ladies took very good care of me along the way, always rushing over with thick coat to shelter me from the strong winds, helping me change my heels to flats, assisting me in changing gowns along the way and tidying up my makeup and hairdo whenever possible. It was probably more tiring for them than for us and I would really like to say a big “THANK YOU” to them. Lastly, not forgetting to thank my indoor makeup artist, hairstylist and the rest of the staff at the studio (whom I did not manage to get their names) that helped us out in some way or another.

koreanweddingphotography_yj132With love,

YiHao & Susanne


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