Dear Ido-wedding,                                                                      

Firstly, a BIG thank you to IDO-wedding for making our prewedding shoot a memorable and fun event.koreanweddingphotography_im01Before I decided to choose Ido-wedding as my prewed vendor, I met a few other vendors who offer the same service as ido-wedding and was not really convinced. Then I heard from a friend about ido-wedding, they have not used their service before but they have “liked” their facebook page and told me that they have awesome photos. Out of curiosity, I contacted Emily, her reply was lightning fast so I was really impressed. My fiance and I flew over to Singapore (we are Indonesian) and have our first discussion with Emily. Emily was very friendly and helpful, everything went smoothly with the arrangements and we flew to Korea back in April 2013 for our prewedding shoot.koreanweddingphotography_im04We arrived in Seoul and Gina took care of us before and on the photo-shoot day.  She picked us up at the hotel lobby and drove us to a bridal shop that nearby our hotel to try out a few gowns for the photo-shoot. After choosing the gowns, we headed to the salon to have our makeup and hair consultation for the photo-shoot. We were grateful to have Gina as our translator as she could communicate with us.koreanweddingphotography_im10On the day of the photo-shoot, Gina drove us to the salon to have our make-up and hair-do, it took about 3 hours before heading to the studio.

When we arrived at the studio which was not far away from the salon, we were introduced to a lady assistant and the young photographer. The assistant helped me to put on the gown, accessories and touch-ups throughout the photo-shoot, which was very helpful. As for our photographer, he is very lively and funny. This becomes increasingly important as the photo-shoot progresses. Thanks to his jokes and energy(maybe cause he is young) that we were able to maintain our smile for the camera although we were exhausted.koreanweddingphotography_im28Overall, it had been a great and enjoyable experience for us! Please however, do deliver us the photos in time for our wedding!!

Many thanks for the extraordinary services!

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