We have a great time doing our photoshoot in seoul.


on the first day, Gina arrived at our hotel lobby to fetch us to the bridal shop. The selection of the gown and tuxedo was smooth. The helpers in the bridal stores first brought several gowns from their selection based on the preferences which was done in singapore.  Bridal shoes were also provided by the bridal stores. Do remember to request if you did not brought any shoes over to seoul. In additional the selection was quick. it was all done within an hour or so.



We were then brought to the salon , there were language barrier but gina was around to assist. The style which was done up by the salon was great. It was better than i expected.


On the photoshoot day, we’ve gotten a photographer who can speak simple chinese thus the whole process was smooth. There will also be an ajuma who will be helping to wear the gowns. She will also touch up my makeup as well as change to some simple hairstyles( according to your preference) during the photoshoot process. Accessories such as earrings will be provided. Not to worry if you did not bring yours as they have a wide selection of accessories. As the rooftop in the studio was under repairs thus we were a little disappointed as not all scenes were able to capture. There are also many couples who are also doing the shoots in the studio. so when nearer to the end of the photoshoot, there were abit of waiting. But the waiting was good as we need time to rest.


We have recently received the album and photoframe.  We are satisified with the end products. Thank you Idowedding.

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