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We would like to start by thanking everyone who provided such excellent service and professionalism throughout our Pre-wedding shoot!

 To say that more and more Singaporeans have caught the “Kpop Bug” is an understatement and we were not spared as well due to the exposure of many popular variety shows such as “Running Man” and “We Got Married”,etc.


When we did a search online for “Korean Pre-wedding Photography”, IDO was the first that showed up and once we started dropping Emily an email to enquire, there was no turning back.


Emily responded quickly and throughout our meetings and she was never pushy and gave us clear instructions and sound advice which we find refreshing compared to some of the bridal shops that we have visited.


When we were in Korea and met our co-coordinator Gina on the day of our make-up/gown consultation, we were treated like VIPs and there were no issues with any language barrier as Gina was friendly and fluent in English. We certainly miss her singing and humming in the car while showing us around the area and even brought us to the popular JYP and SNSD recording studios!


During the actual shoot, our photographers, Lee Duck Jin & Ryu Seung Gyu made us at ease with their humour and antics and we can never forget their “Little Smile! / Big Smile!” expressions! Special Thanks need to go out to our Bridal Assistant, “Imo-Nee”, who ensured that we never have a hair out of place or shirt not tucked in. She brought her own accessories and various vests/bow ties/hair pins/hair bands/etc which transformed our look throughout the whole shoot. She was also attentive to the bride and would shout to the photographers, “Our princess is ready!”, whenever we are done changing our outfit.

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Not to mention, the way they change and utilise the whole studio was quite amazing as we could have never imagine so many different shots can be taken within the premises.


Lastly, as a bonus, when we changed to our casual wear and went out for our outdoor shoot, another two photographers tagged along as they had ended their shift and we actually had 3 photographers shooting us along the streets of the Sinsa shopping area!


After we came back, we have gotten all the photos that were taken during the shoot after 2 weeks for our photo selection.


Overall to sum up our experience, it was a really hassle and stress free process whereby you can truly feel that the people, from Emily to Gina and Imo-Nee with the photographers, that they just want the best for all the couples although they are still running a business. We really enjoyed ourselves and would recommend IDO to those who want to try something different.


Warmest Regards,


Andy and Carmen


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