Dear IDO Wedding,

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We first heard about IDO Wedding from forums when we were researching about overseas pre-wedding shoots. We then emailed and arranged for a meet up consultation with Emily to find out more information about the packages. Honestly speaking, the Korea photoshoot packages are more expensive as compared to packages elsewhere however one attractive point was receiving all pictures. After much consideration, we both decided to take up the packages as we thought that taking pictures in Korea was interesting and we wouldn’t have to deal with the hardsell from bridal studios.

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Our experience with ido have been wonderful from discussing the concept and choice of studio, till our actual shoot in korea. We had an enjoyable time in Korea for our photoshoot. Gina, our translator and manager in Korea gave us topnotch service and was helpful and accommodating every step of the way. Emily, the coordinator in Singapore is also very helpful and always giving advices during our discussion meetups however there were times where we felt that the emails sent were a bit curt. A quick check with the other brides who ensured us that it was just Emily’s straight forward way of conversing with customers.

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From choosing the gowns to the actual shoot, the crew are very jovial which helped make us relax. The photographer especially was very funny! We loved the bridal gowns trial, especially the ‘unveiling’ portion. The bridal assistant helped with numerous hairstyles and we both felt really pampered throughout the photoshoot as they were always taking care of us. We have received the pictures and we were satisfied with them. It was really a very unique experience.

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We miss Korea already! Thank you for the kind hospitality and great service!


Skai and Nadia

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