We would like to say a very big thank you to the ido wedding team for providing us with a fabulous service. My partner and I made a very last minute decision to take our wedding photos in Korea and gave Emily a very short notice. However, she responded really quick and made arrangement for us to have our photoshoot within three weeks. We were really grateful of her diligence.  


The entire process from the beginning to the end was effectively and efficiently carried out. Selection of bridal studio, photo studio and hotel was all done prior to our flight to Korea. Ido would reserve hotels for the duration of your photoshoot and we were given a healthy list of hotels to select from.


On the day of the bridal gown selection, our manager/translator in Korea, Gina, met us punctually at the hotel lobby and drove us to the hair salon and bridal studio respectively. Gina was professional and friendly, when there was time before our gown selection appointment, she drove us around the neighborhood of Apgujeong for a brief tour. The consultants at the hair salon were all experts in our opinion. As both my partner and I had no idea what kind of style we should go for, the salon consultants provided us with suggestions and advices. She also showed us different possible hairstyles that were suitable for us for us to select.


We were very please with their service. The assistants in the bridal studio were equally professional and forthcoming in providing suggestions and opinion on what we should wear, the whole process from the trying on of suits and gowns to the taking of measurements was done seamlessly.


Two days later, on the actual day of the photoshoot, Gina again arrived punctually to pick us up from the hotel and drove us to the hair/make-up salon. The kind of makeup and hair styling provided by the young team of artists was perfect and very trendy. They may be young but the experienced techniques we observed and experienced from them, we don’t think we could ever find in Singapore. Gina and a bridal assistant whom we addressed as Imo-nim accompanied us throughout our photoshoot and helped us along with all the tiny details of the photoshoot. We were especially grateful and appreciative towards the friendly Imo-nim as she fuss over every small details of our suit/gown and hair and extremely attentive, holding my partner’s hand everywhere she walked. The photographer was very friendly and approachable too. Although he spoke little English, we were able to understand most of his comical gestures. Throughout our shoot, Gina willingly and tirelessly helped us took photos using both our own camera and her phone camera. The entire experience on that day was entirely pleasant and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves throughout the shoot. 


After returning, we received our unedited photos within three weeks. Thank you Ido- wedding!


Ban Hock and Hui Xin

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