We would like to thank everyone for making our Korean photoshoot experience a unique and fuss-free one.


We decided to go for IDO Wedding as we were in love with one of the studio concepts provided by IDO. After a few consultations with Emily, we decided to put down our deposit and start our preparation for the photoshoot and holiday in Korea! Emily proceeded to plan the schedule of our bridal gown selection, hair and make-up consultation and actual day shoot before we fly off.


In Gangnam, Seoul, on the day of the bridal gown selection, our manager/translator Gina met us at our hotel lobby punctually. Brimming with excitement, she drove us to the bridal shop in a limousine! It took us approximately 10 to 15 minutes to reach our destination. Although some of the gowns that we chose in Singapore were not available, we still picked out two beautiful white gowns and a red gown. A mini gown was also thrown in for us. However, it will be even better if there are more tuxedo choices and slim-fit sizes for the groom. The next stop was to the beauty salon for a short consultation and we even passed by the actual bridal studio on the way there!


We had an early night rest before our photoshoot day to make sure that we have enough energy to last through the day. We were very satisfied with the beauty salon and glad that we were in good hands. We were also introduced to the lovely imo (auntie helper) who took great care of us during the gown changing and photoshoot process. She brought many hair accessories and helped to change the bride’s hairstyles to suit the respective scenes. She also made sure that our attire stayed perfect for every shot.


We had lots of fun during the photoshoot and were amazed that there were so many beautiful settings in the bridal studio. We especially love our shots with the Volkswagen Camper Van and causal shots.


In all, we were satisfied with IDO Wedding’s service and here’s a big THANK YOU to Emily, Gina, imo, the bridal and beauty studios’ staff, the photographer and everyone who has helped us!



Soon Heng & Kah Hoon

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