We chanced upon IDO Wedding when we were visiting the NATAS Fair earlier this year. Their unique concept photography caught our eyes.


However like many, we were initially hesitant (worried that our photos will not turn out as good as what they’ve displayed, don’t know how to pose, etc). But now, having gone through the entire process, we must commend the team from IDO Wedding. They are really very dedicated and professional. We were pretty amazed with the results even with the pre-edited photos!


Emily was a friendly and efficient consultant, who was very on task. She was understanding and patient in answering our queries and concerns. Her advices were very helpful, such as helping us to decide on the concept and studio for our pre-wedding photo-shoot. She has definitely made our planning for the trip easier.

 As our schedule in Seoul was very packed, the manager, Gina was very accommodating and friendly. Besides being punctual and had played her role of a host very well, she even showed us where were the “must-go’ places in Seoul. She also gave us her advices during our gown fitting and the types of hair-dos for our photo-shoot.


Many thanks to her and her team over in Korea, who even went the extra mile to share, and even ‘rehearse’ with us, how should we pose and smile at the camera! Special mention must be made to our bridal assistant and the hairstylist who followed us throughout the day, meticulously ensuring our gown and hair was in place during the photo-shoot.

At the studio, a very friendly and energetic photographer welcomed us with a big wide smile. His jovial character and jokes made the whole photo-shoot less tiring and fun! For those who are worried that you may run out of poses and creativity, not to worry! We were guided all the way from our body poses to minute details such as our feet placement.


We were glad that we were well taken care of by a team of caring and efficient stylists and photographers. Many thanks to Gina who was there throughout the photoshoot, ensuring the whole shooting went smoothly and our needs were well taken care of. Not forgetting helping us to snap some lovely ‘behind the scenes’ photos by the side for our own keepsake.


Thank you IDO Wedding for the wonderful and memorable experience!


Timothy and Shirley ;]

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