Dear Ido-wedding team, 

A heartfelt appreciation to Emily, Gina, photographer Kang, videographer and imo-nim for all the perfect arrangement and all the assistance rendered from before the pre-wedding phtoshoot all the way to the end of the photoshoot.

Emily, our consultant in Singapore has provided us with very detailed information and answered to all our questions via email very promptly. As we were a little tense and worried before the pre-wedding photoshoot, Emily has also calm us down by providing us the summary of all the details and re-assured us everything will be well and please be worry free. We really appreciate her advice.


Gina on the other hand has also welcome us warmly when she picked us up on Day 1 for our gown selection and make-up/hairdo consultation. The bridal studio and hair saloon were perfect and we felt like a super VVVIP through out the whole process. However, it would be better if we’re given more opportunity to select our gown/suit from the rack instead of pre-selected a few for us to try but we still had a good time and love our gowns/suits as the bridal shop assistant took into consideration our preferred style. Gina even showed us famous and must visit place around Gangnam area. 


Our photographer is very funny guy, videographer is also a nice guy and Imo-nim is really attentive to us. She’ll make sure our gown is nicely positioned, hair is done nicely, accessories are suitable for each gowns and hair do. She has a doraemon pocket which contains a lot of very very nice and superb accessories!

We would highly recommend Ido-wedding for couple who wished to have dreamy, unique and celebrity feel photoshoot experience. Altho the price is a little steep compared to the studio in Singapore, we would say we really enjoy every single bits of the experience and will not regret for choosing Ido-wedding. 


Last but not least, thanks again to Ido-wedding team for making our photoshoot experience a fantabulous ones!

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