A late testimonial but better than not having one. Firstly, I would like to really give a BIG thanks to IDOWedding for the awesome and splendid time and experience for our once in a lifetime pre-wedding photoshoot. Gina was really friendly and helpful and not forgetting our Ohmunni. They were a really big help to us and we always had laughs in between the photoshoot.


The gown selection day was pretty quick and we had time to visit the Studio office to see the wide range of photo frames. For the actual photoshoot day, the studio was great and the photographer has very good phototaking skills. Although the photographer was a little bit strict on the poses but we slowly got used to it and I must say we were glad that we followed his instructions because the photos came out great. Even unedited, the pictures were extraordinary.


I must say the type of service from Gina and our Ohmunni was definitely worth paying the premium price for IDOWedding. It was a very tiring one day session but we definitely enjoyed our time spent. Thank you IDOWedding for giving us this splendid experience! Fighting!

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