A big thank you to IDO wedding team , Emily, Gina, Mr Lim(Photographer), Bridal assistant for giving us a unforgettable and happy experience for the our wedding photo taking.


Emily was very patient in the beginning from guiding us to choose our photo studio to arranging the studio and bridal shop. We bought our airlines tickets during the Korean major holiday period and Emily managed to secure a slot for us with the studio.


Gina was friendly and helpful throughout the whole process from selection of gown, make up to the actual photoshoot day. She was very attentive to our requests and make sure our photo shoot was carried out smoothly. We also requested the hair salon to trim our hair and the experience was so different and was happy with the outcome. During the drive, Gina would recommend us the places to go. I was looking for a particular brand to buy my clothes and Gina drove us all the way there.


Mr Lim was very friendly and able to speak minimal Chinese, he is such a funny guy and able to put us to ease in the photo taking process. We had a very fun and great time throughout the process. We are satisfied with photos taken.

Bridal assistant (sorry we forget her name), she was very attentive and patient. Helped Weiting to change the gown, change hairdo and giving different accessories. Even for myself, she gave me some accessory to choose.


IDO Wedding does things very differently from the typical bridal studios that we know. From the way the package are structured, choosing of studios and level of customer service. Most importantly, no additional charges along the way what you sign is what you get.

Yours Sincerely,

Benjamin & Weiting

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