A very big thank you to the entire Ido-wedding team – Emily, Gina, Imu-nim, photographer and videographer crew members! =) They are highly professional and ensured that we looked our absolute best during the photoshoot. We were extremely pleased with the hairstyle and make-up standards.The studio was really beautiful as well after the upgrade. We were also pleasantly surprised at how well the photos turned out to be even though these were unedited ones! 


Emily has been very prompt in her replies to our enquiries and we definitely felt at ease with the good follow-up service. The only disappointment I have is not being able to browse the racks for the selection of gowns as these are brought out by the wedding shop assistants for you instead. The evening gowns selection was quite limited as they focus more on the 2 main white gowns. Nevertheless, I think the complete styling makes a difference and you will feel different wearing the gown(s) once you have your full make-up on and hair done. Everything turned out well in the end.


We strongly recommend Ido-wedding for their pre-wedding photo services if you’re looking for a unique and fuss-free overseas experience. Even though the prices might be steeper, the high quality standards and good services more than makes up for it and you can be assured of a peace of mind.


We definitely hold fond memories of this once-in-a-life time Korea wedding shoot experience =)

From Dan & Alyssa

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