We would like to thank IDO wedding for the wonderful service they have provided for us.

We did not hesitate to sign a package with IDO the first time we met at NATAS Fair and it was our first wedding shoot company we consulted. We love all the concepts the studios provided and even though the studio we chose had to change concept, Ji Young informed us and even allow us to select another studio and even change the shoot schedule. She was very patient and meticulous. 


As I am a breast-feeding mother, I needed to express milk every 4-5 hours. Ji Young has very kindly informed Gina, our consultant and translator in Korea and the lady attached to us to take care of every little tiny details and they have very kindly squeeze in time for me to express before the shoot and in between the shoot. We could not converse in korean at all but that was not a problem because Gina was able to understand us and translate our conversation. 


The hair and make up team listened to what we want, advised us and still manage to make us look beautiful. The gown Photographer was very funny, which helped ease tremendous amount of tension.

All services provided from IDO all the way from Singapore to Korea was very professional and gracious. We are already missing Korea, the people and the food.


We will definitely be back for a shoot with our darling baby soon.

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