We were impressed by IDO-Wedding’s album samples at a travel fair, and decided to sign up for a photo-shoot package after some consideration. Emily, our contact in Singapore was attentive to our questions and was always there to clear any doubts. After deciding on what we wanted among the many styles / themes available, we picked a date and before we knew it, we were on a plane to Korea!


Gina, our contact and planner in Korea was very warm, friendly and pleasant. She had all the details and timetable sorted out, and was very conversant in English, so there were no communication issues at all. Similarly, the bridal studio assistant was attentive to details and had lots of suggestions on our outfits for the shoot. During our time in Korea, Gina drove us around in a nice comfortable black car to various venues like the bridal studio, the hair salon and the photo studio. 


On the actual day of the shoot, the atmosphere was candid and light-hearted. Sensing our initial nervousness, the crew cracked jokes and made us feel relaxed for the rest of the day. The photographer and his assistant (she was adorable!) were very professional, giving us clear directions and pointers to pose immaculately for each and every shot. Throughout the day, the bridal studio assistant also made sure that our makeup and hair were perfect.


Besides getting our photos taken, we also took the opportunity to have a relaxing holiday in Korea at the same time, visiting various places and enjoying Korean cuisine. We had an absolutely unforgettable and amazing time. Thanks IDO-Wedding (Emily, Gina and all the crew involved) for the great experience and memories! 

Hong Yang & Shu Yan

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