We would like to thank the IDO wedding team for making our photo shoot in Korea a memorable and enjoyable one.

Emily, our coordinator in Singapore, who guided us through the process and gave us tips before our trip to Korea. She helped to liaise with the Korean studio and the hotel. Thanks to her, we did not have to do anything except to show up at hotel lobby on the day of the photoshoot.


Gina, our translator and coordinator in Korea, for showing us around and helping out during the photo shoot, as well as ensuring everything went smoothly on the day of the photo shoot. From the gown choosing to styling discussion, she made sure everything went on without a hitch and was there with us through the entire photoshoot process in Korea.


Sejong Salon, where we did our make-up and hairstyle, did a fantastic job in suggesting possible styles we would like and the make-up artists and hairstylist . Thanks to their fantastic skills, we almost couldn’t recognise ourselves after the styling was completed. Good job!


We would also like to thank Imu-nim for helping Shi Yun with the hairstyle and the gowns. She assisted in touching up the make-up and gowns/suits so that we would look our best throughout the 8 hour photoshoot.


Our photographer, Sara, was professional and helpful in guiding us through the photoshoot. Throughout the shoot, she suggested different poses that we could try out when we had difficulties deciding coming up with our own. We were able to look our brightest thanks to her “Big Smile” and “Crazy smile”. Thanks for taking the fantastic pictures!


We are glad that we chose IDO wedding for our pre-wedding photo shoot.

Once again, thank you all very much! =) 


Jasper and Shi Yun

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