We ‘heard’ much about Ido Wedding through different forums and reviews from other brides.  Hence, we decided to make a trip down to NATAS fair to have a look. There were many sample albums and we were attracted to the different concepts available. We decided to sign up for a package after much consideration. Emily who is our Singapore contact explained to us in detailed and showed us the different concepts available for our pick. It was a hard decision as everything is lovely and we had to be very precise with the style we are going for.


We met Gina, who is our initial co-ordinator for the first time in Korea. She had been very punctual in all our appointments and is very attentive to our needs. She picked us from our hotel and were brought to the respective bridal studio and hair salon in Cheongdam area. We were amazed with the bridal fitting process since it is quite different from Singapore. We were asked to describe our preferred style and was given a catalogue as a reference.  There is a platform behind the curtains where we will have our fitting done. A quick hairdo with tiara and hand bouquet was prepared together with the fitting for us to visualise. A totally new experience!


Although Gina is unable to assist us due to some family emergency, she had arranged her colleague, Sunny to be with us for the day. Initially, we were rather concern since Gina had a better understanding of our style but soon realised that our concern was needless. We were also introduced to our personal assistant who took great care of both of us and not forgetting our funny and creative photographer. We had a fun time with the pre-wedding shoot although the weather was rather cold (about 12 degrees) and the schedule was hectic.


Nevertheless, to everyone who have assisted with the preparations, we would like to share our heartfelt thanks for letting us experience a day as a celebrity. Kudos to all the crew! 

Thanks I-do wedding for the wonderful experience and looking forward to seeing the album.

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