It was a wonderful pre-wedding photo shooting in Korea with all the professional teams; photographer, bridal boutique and Make up & salon.


Bridal boutique has a wide range of beautiful gowns in many styles and a variety of tuxedos for the groom. The owner of the boutique was gentle and we highly appreciated her suggestion. She allowed me to tried on many different grown with good suggestions for our shape and body. Furthermore, she allowed us to choose the accessories as I wish such as tiara, earring and headband.


The make up and hairstyle also awesome. It looked naturally like a princess as my dream. The make up artist gave me some advice about the how the make up style good for my own. The hair stylist also recommends me the hairstyle that looked best for me and looks natural.


We were enjoying with the photo-shooting day. The Atmosphere of the shooting day was relaxed. The photographer made us feel comfortable with many jokes. He expressed us a clear direction in different postures in order to looks naturally. He is very professional and has high experience.


Big Thanks to Gina and Emily. I am very appreciated their patience and helpful. Emily is very nice and friendly. She gave me all the useful information & details by both email and overseas calls. No matter how hard for her to arrange the studio in a rush time to match my schedule. She checked the studios available for me many times as I requested.  In Korea, Gina was accommodated us both 2 days. She is very pleasant and entertaining. She drove us to the bridal shop and the salon for fitting in a first day. Then, the shooting day she also took care us all day long since make up & salon up to the photo shooting finished. During the shooting, she was with us in very senses and translated us what the photographer said in Korea to English. She also helped us translate what we like or our special requested to the photographer. Thank You very MUCH ^^


They all very helpful since the first contact information about pre-wedding and accommodating throughout  everything has finished.

Finally, we would like to say “Thank You So much” to IDO Wedding team for everything since this is one of my dream to have a beautiful pre-wedding photo in Korea style 🙂 

Your style is stunning and different from others, that is why I choose IDO-Wedding!!

I definitely come to Korea again to take a family photo.

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