A wedding is never a wedding without saying I do. It is the name ‘Ido Wedding’ that caught our attention that made us go through their pictures. The pictures immediately had a huge impact on us as they were all taken in Korea, and Korea is one of our favorite countries.  That was when we both knew what we wanted, a different kind of wedding photo shoot in a country where we both love.


The first time we met Emily was at NATAS fair in Singapore Expo. Emily was the Coordinator for Ido Wedding in Singapore. We were very surprised though she is a Korean but she can speak very fluent English. She was very detailed in explaining to us about the photo shoot itineraries after we decided to use their service. We considered only about 10 seconds before saying yes. We did a simple survey to let her roughly know our characters and also what we wanted, after which she suggested the ‘Fun Theme’ and since we really wanted something different, we agreed on her suggestion.


The day came when we were both in Seoul waiting to meet Gina, the coordinator for I-Do Wedding in Korea, and Sun, our translator for the wedding photo shoot. When we first met them, we didn’t feel any awkwardness as both of them were really friendly. They made small talks with us to understand us better, and they even brought us to see SM Town and JYP building because we told them that we love K-POP. They were very helpful in every ways, from choosing our outfits to our make ups and hair-dos.


The photo shoot day was a tiring, fun and unforgettable day. It started off with hair-dos and make ups at the salon and both our hair and make-up stylists were very professional. Before they start, they explained to us what they were going to do and why they did it. Although they only speak Korean and we only understood one or two words that they said, thanks to our dear Gina and Sun, we have no problem in understanding what they were trying to tell us.


At the Studio, we were introduced to our photographer, Mr. Lim, who was very friendly and funny. What I will never forget was after our first few shots, he showed us a picture he took and he said, ‘This smile is not from your heart, it is so unreal’. Then he showed us another picture, ‘This one is really showing happiness on your face’. Then he explained when a person is happy from the heart, even the eyes and nose will tell. After he said that, we looked at each other and said ‘WOW, so professional’.


A very big thank you to our dearest Imoni, the bridal assistant. Imoni is like a mother, a caring and loving mother figure. She was very helpful and funny. She will make sure that we always look good in front of the camera, and she also advised us on what to do and what we shouldn’t do during the shoot. She even cracked jokes to make everybody laugh. We really love her.

Last but not least, we would like to Thank IDO Wedding team for this wonderful experience.

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