When we were meeting Emily, we were just looking for different options for pre-wedding photo shoots. After speaking with Emily and looking at the sample photos, we were impressed at the high level of details and well-planned steps by Emily.  We already knew this is what we want for our photo shoot.


Gina, the wedding planner, is very friendly and helpful. She explains very well what we should do and expect. She is a great help throughout the whole process from selecting gowns to the ending photo shoot. We are grateful to Gina for everything turns out very smoothly, without her, would not be possible.


When selecting the gowns and suits, the quality and design are of excellent grade and we loved it very much. The only pity is the evening gowns, though beautiful, are quite limited as the focus is more on the white gowns which are great by itself.

The makeup and hairstyling for both of us were fantastically well done. It turns out much better than what we have expected : “Korean hair styling”. We already feel like a “Korean Pop Star” after that !


The photographer ,Yeunwoo, is a bubbly character who is always smiling and knows what he wants from us with every shot he takes. His female assistant is also of a great help in the first couple of scenes.

The bridal assistant, Hong ok pyo, is extremely enthusiastic and very passionate on trying her best to make us look great and perfect for every shot. We want to express our sincere thank you to her for all her great help.


Finally, the unedited photos are excellent and well-taken. So good that, we are having a hard time choosing the right photos for our album.

Lastly, A BIG THANK YOU to Emily, Gina, Yuenwoo, Hong ok Pyo and the makeup and hairstyling artists for helping to make this photo shoot a great and smooth experience for both of us !


We are extremely delighted and glad that we chose “IDO Weddings” for our pre-wedding photo shoot. We strongly recommend anyone interested in pre-wedding photo shoot to sign up with them.

Your happy customers,

Thomas Fong and Linda Lim (Singapore)

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