It was our second trip to Seoul and we’ve had heaps of fun there! Wonderful weather, good food, and a great time during the photoshoot! Prior to flying to Seoul, we’ve had Emily explaining and communicating what was to be expected clearly and much thanks to her for clarifying our many doubts over emails as well!


We met Gina on our second day in Seoul and she was very hospitable, with her introducing the affluent Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong, even driving us to places where we might spot K-Pop idols and even Yoo Jae Suk! While at the bridal gown shop, I showed Gina some photos of “ideal dresses” I’d prepared prior to our trip, and Gina was fantastic in helping to convey my preferences to the bridal shop ladies, ensuring that the both of us achieved our ideal looks.


On the actual day, while we were tripping over our nerves and jitters (and also hunger from the 8-hour shoot), Gina and Imo-nim (our bridal assistant) were professional and remained our steady reliant hosts throughout! Sweet Gina even went out to buy some kimbap for us to eat! The photoshoot lasted for 8 hours but it was a memorable time spent, making sure we had the correct expressions and that we looked our utmost best in all the photos taken. 


Also, boy were we glad we brought some “props” (in the form of plush dinosaurs) along with our casual outfits for the photo-shoot! This allowed us some more wacky additions to the already-versatile studio, and summed up the 8-hour long shoot with lots of laughter and fun.


Overall, our experience was a great and amidst the hilarious attempts at translating funny poses in the different shots, we definitely had fun. We’ve gotten our DVD copy of photos and the photos turned out amazing – we can not wait for the final album to arrive! Many thanks Emily, Gina, and the entire team from IDO-Wedding, and we are looking forward to our next trip to Seoul soon!

Thanks and our Best Wishes,

Zihui and Amelia 

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