Dear IDO-Wedding, 

We would like to specially thank IDO-Wedding team, beauty salon staffs, bridal assistant & photographer for the wonderful experience & unforgettable memories we had in Korea. We really enjoyed ourselves throughout the photo shoot and days in Korea. We are very satisfied & happy with the outcome of our photos and the raw photos look really natural & nice even without any editing. 

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC05078

My fiancé & I always wanted something different & unique for our Pre-Wedding photo shoot and thanks to Korean variety show “We Got Married” that caught our eyes. Therefore, we start to do our research on Korea Pre-Wedding photo shoot and we found IDO-Wedding. We then emailed and arranged for a meet up consultation with Audrey to find out more information about the packages. 

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC04734

During the meet up with Audrey, she was really patient, friendly, helpful and clear in her explanation and all our queries were promptly answered. She was never pushy and that makes us really comfortable throughout the consultation. She also did recommend us some nice places to visit when we were in Korea. Thank you Audrey for all the information ^^, 

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC05350

When we were in Korea, our interpreter / manager Gina met us at our hotel lobby and drove us to the bridal shop and beauty salon for consultation. After the consultation, Gina was so nice to drove us around Apgujeong Street to show us the popular SM Town & JYP entertainment studios that we actually planned to go when we were in Korea. She was very helpful, friendly and fluent in English and we were really thankful that she is there to help us with all the translating throughout the whole consultation till end of our photo shoot day. 

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC05049

The staffs at the beauty salon are very professional and we really love the make-up and hairdos done by them. They makes us felt like celebrities / models that seen on Korean TV show while preparing and getting ready at the beauty salon. We were well taken care by the bridal assistant Imu-Nim & the staffs at beauty salon and it was really a good experience for the both of us.

The weather was still cold in March, Gina and Imu-nim was very thoughtful to even prepare some coat & warm pack to kept us warm during our outdoor scenes. The bridal assistant, Imu-nim helps us with all the gowns/tuxedos changing, accessories, touch-up and hairdos and she was very attentive and helpful throughout the photo shoot. Gina was really nice by helping us to capture some of the scenes by using our phones while we are having our photo shoot.

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC04912

The photographer is really professional & talented at taking good angle shots that captures wonderful moments. His assistant are really good at guiding us with different kind of poses and always making sure that they captured our best moments, expressions, poses, and laughter in front of the camera. 

Anthony & Cheryll_BEST_DSC04878

Once again, we would like to thanks everyone for the professionalism & excellent services throughout our Pre-Wedding shoot. We are glad that we made IDO our choices and we highly recommend IDO-wedding to couples out there that are looking for Korean-Pre wedding shoot. ^^,

With Love,

Anthony & Cheryll

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