So many things to say about Ido-Wedding. I guess a big Thank You is not enough to express our gratitude towards them. With Emily’s patience towards all our questions and assurance to not make a rushed decision, we signed up with Ido-Wedding during our 2nd meet up. In fact, Ido-wedding was the first and only pre-wedding studio that we were interested in, so not much time was actually required to confirm our package.

Koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 1968

When we were in Korea, we were further amazed by their punctuality and professionalism. During our appointments, Chris and Gina always arrived earlier than expected. Although we didn’t understand what they were discussing during the consultation, we could tell that they were very detailed and serious about every single arrangement from our hairdo, makeup, gowns to the tuxedo selection. By the way, the beauty salon was gorgeous! We were speechless when we saw how grand the beauty salon was, as it looked exactly like those you see in Korean dramas. 

Koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 3149

On the day of photo shoot, we had some extra time before our hairdo and makeup appointment, so Chris and Gina drove us around Apgujeong Street to show us the famous SM Town and JYP Entertainment main offices. We were so happy because this was actually one of our places to visit in our itinerary. Gina might have guessed that most of us would love to take a look at these Entertainment studios, hence she brought us there.   

Koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 2845

Everyone was exceptionally helpful but I would personally like to thank the Imo who helped us tremendously throughout the photo shoot. She acted like a mother to us, always ensuring that we looked more than perfect before taking our photos. Imo is a very detailed person, as she would always check with the photographer as to which side of close up shots he was going to take and discussed with him if there’s any need to change my wife’s hair accessories so that it will look even better on screen. Furthermore, she treated my wife like her own daughter and took very good care of her every second. To our surprise, we heard that she specially squeezed out additional time for our photo shoot even though she had a tight schedule. My wife couldn’t bear to part with her at end of the day and almost cried.

Koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 2534

We also love our photographer and videographer to the max. Initially, we were both nervous about the photo shoot. But our photographer made it a fun and relax environment for us! From an uptight smile, it soon became a wide blissful smile, allowing us to enjoy the whole process thoroughly. He will always show us the right way to pose, correcting us and making sure that we looked natural on screen. Gina always translated the jokes they made and shared with us funny stories about them. Chris was also very helpful by taking photos for us on our phones which have now become our favorite wallpapers. 

Koreanweddingphoto_idowedding 1899

I must say this is the one and only time you will feel like a celebrity. 

No regrets. I can continue to tell you how great Ido-Wedding is and this testimonial will never have an ending. You really have to experience it for yourself and I’m sure you will have a memorable pre-wedding photo shoot too. 

Thank you Ido-Wedding! It was awesome, you guys are fabulous!

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