Humongous Heartfelt Thank You to the team from IDO Wedding for making our pre-wedding shoots an awesome one.

koreanweddingphotography_3481 copy

We got to know about IDO Wedding through a Korean reality show called “We got Married” and from there on, we decided to check out this korean style wedding concept. After seeing and went through their extensive list of portfolio.
We finally picked 1 that best suits us and signed our wedding package through Ms Emily, the consultant based here in SG.

koreanweddingphotography_3670 copy

When we arrived in Seoul. We get to meet our coordinator, Ms Gina for IDO Wedding in Korea. She’s been very helpful and accommodating to some of our requests even though it’s out of her job-scope. 2 thumbs up for Gina! ! !

koreanweddingphotography_3855 copy

Not to mention our awesome photographer, Lee. Great fella that doesn’t make us feel awkward at all for doing numerous posing throughout the entire photo shoots. 2 thumbs up again for Lee! ! !

koreanweddingphotography_3898 copy

And the list keep going on…We can’t finish thanking everyone. To make things sweet and short here… Thank You once again to all the staffs from IDO Wedding for making our photo shoots a memorable one for many years to come!

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