We learnt about IDO Wedding from one of our friends who had taken her pre-wedding photo shoot with  IDO. After reviewing IDO’s FB page, we knew that this was definitely what we wanted for our pre-wedding shoot. 

koreanweddingphotography_KYG_3930 copy

We met up with Audrey, our consultant in Singapore. She was very patient in explaining the various portfolios and packages available for us. We were spoilt for choices and after much consideration, we decided to pick RARI SCENE SEVEN Photography as our studio of choice. Audrey made the whole process smooth and before we knew it, we signed on the dotted line. She even made sure that we got the best deal by advising us to upgrade our package during the NATAS Fair 2014.

koreanweddingphotography_KYG_4012 copy

April 12th was the day we met Gina and Chris, our Korean manager and interpreter. We were chauffeured to the Make-Up and Hair Salon, Labelle, for our make-up and hair consultation. We were then whisked to the Bridal Studio to try on the various gowns and suits available. During which, we decided on 2 white gowns, 1 champagne-black coloured evening gown and 2 suits for the photo shoot. However, we did not manage to try on the short dress during the gown-fitting session. We would like to give praise to the Bridal Studio assistants who were very helpful and patient during the whole fitting process. Throughout the consultation and fitting process, Gina and Chris gave us useful tips and advices.

koreanweddingphotography_KYG_4231 copy

April 14th was the day of our photo shoot, the make-up and hair session for both of us took more than two hours. We were very pleased with the outcome as we looked and felt like superstars. Sadly after the session, Gina had to leave us as she had another photo shoot to attend to.  Hence, leaving us in the good hands of Chris. Initially, we were rather tensed and nervous as it was our first time doing a photo shoot. However, with the help of the photographer, Mr. Kim Young Guk, and his assistant , we managed to feel at ease and enjoyed the whole process. During the photo shoot, our emo-nim worked tirelessly to ensure we looked our best in all the scenes. We are very grateful to have such an experienced emo-nim take care of us. We also want to give special thanks to Chris who did a good job interpreting and also providing the laughter and encouragement to spur us on. 

koreanweddingphotography_KYG_4074 copy

Due to the amount of dresses we needed to change into, we did not have any time for breaks, it was fast and furious all the way. However, we are glad that the photographer managed to capture all the scenes we wanted and was flexible in allowing us to use our customised gown and suit which we brought from Singapore. 

Thank you IDO Wedding for the lovely and memorable experience and all the hard work you guys have put in to make the photo shoot possible. 수고하세요!! 🙂

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