Jaret and I would like to make a point of complimenting IDO WEDDING, and thanking them, for the service provided. All the involved team members in IDO WEDDING including Emily, Gina, Chris and “imo-ni” (which meant Aunty in Korean) had been helpful beyond expectations in arranging and assisting us for the photo shoot.


The amazing studio photographer was very professional and entertaining. We could not be more thankful to have him as our photographer, with great sense of humour and spoke mandarin (which came with a funny accent that made us laughed a lot).


Gina and Chris had provided top notch customer service in helping us to do the translation, always early for all our appointment, making sure we were comfortable and often encouraged us to voice out if we had any problem. The team also took huge initiative keeping us warm due to the cold weather on our photo day. They were so sincere and literally ran to wrap us up with a blanket and furry short cape once we were off the camera. Earrings, hair and other accessories were incredibly generous on me. I recalled having several styles for one gown. It was such a great experience!


“Imo-ni”, our attire and styling helper was extremely meticulous and attentive to us, ensuring our hair, makeup and attire looked nothing but perfect in all photos. She was constantly adjusting my gown, looked out for one strand of hair that went out of place and always around to hold me so I do not tripped. I was so grateful that I had to give “Imo-ni” a massive goodbye hug at the end of the day!


After the shoot, all our items were already packed in our bags by the team and we were all set to leave. Everything was well planned and organized. There was nothing for us to worry throughout the photo shoot. Both of us enjoyed every process tremendously from preparations to our photo shoot day and will highly recommend IDO WEDDING!


Once again, a big fat thank you to IDO WEDDING for making this so fun and memorable for us! We genuinely appreciate your effort and hope that we can have the opportunity to have our anniversary photo shoot with IDO WEDDING again!

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