We had a wonderful time during the consultation and photoshoot in Seoul with IDO-wedding. Our coordinator Ji Sook fetched us punctually and did a great job explaining and translating our requests. She also gave suggestions and recommendations during the choosing of gowns and tuxedos. The choosing of gowns and tuxedos was fun. The bridal studio assistant tied up my hair and gave me a flower bouquet to hold onto while they open the curtain showing me in the gowns! I think this was a very professional stance.
During the consultation, Ji Sook would listen to my requests carefully and assist to explain them to the makeup stylist, bridal studio assistant, and the photographer enthusiastically. 

Best_Kelvin & Josephine_DSC04661 copy

We also appreciate that she helped us take many pictures of us throughout the entire process (from makeup till the end of the photoshoot) with our cellphone. She even took pictures of the little teddy bear that we brought to the studio!

Best_Kelvin & Josephine_DSC05227 copy

The makeup artist did a great job! We were very pleased with the makeup and hairdo! 

The bridal shop assistant was also very helpful by doing many touchups and change of hairstyles and accessories for me during the photoshoot. She was a kind and warm person. She was very attentive and would hold onto me to make sure that I didn’t trip over. She even massaged my shoulders during the short breaks. It was heartwarming when she held onto my hand while we walked into the changing room.

Best_Kelvin & Josephine_DSC05076 copy

The photographer was easy to get along with, and his instructions were very precise, which made it easy for us to pose for the photoshoot. There wasn’t any issue with language barrier that we had as he always made things easy to understand. He would also show us how to pose and how to make certain expressions. He was also very encouraging with a sense of humor, making the whole session very relaxing and entertaining. Ji Sook also gave us several tips on how to pose and smile prior to the actual photoshoot. 

Best_Kelvin & Josephine_DSC04790 copy

Everything was very prepared and organised. The studio was very versatile, and everything was done smoothly and efficiently.

Thank you IDO-Wedding for the fun and no-sweat photoshoot! It was tiring yet enjoyable! There wasn’t a single unhappy moment because we were smiling and laughing a lot throughout the day.

Best_Kelvin & Josephine_DSC05224 copy

We strongly recommend IDO-Wedding to couples out there!

With love,

Kelvin Ng and Josephine Chua

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