Our experience with IDO Wedding was a smooth process. It started off with meeting Audrey and she suggested a few studios for our references. We were not able to select the studio on the spot, but Audrey gave us the option to email her the preferred studio and the photo shoot date to check on the studio availability offline. We agreed to take up the package as Audrey was very sincere in serving us. She was also very prompt in her response after we selected our studio through email. 

koreanweddingphotography_MG_9694 copy

Gina and Chris picked us up from our hotel and they drove us to JYP and SM Town buildings where we saw several fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their idols. Gina and Chris accompanied us to the hair studio and bridal studio. They assisted us in translating our preferences and also provide their opinions when we were trying out the gowns and suits. The bridal fitting was a different experience from Singapore. We were asked to stand on a platform behind the curtains and the curtains were pulled aside once our fitting was done. The bride had a quick hairdo with tiara and hand bouquet to visualise the overall fitting with the gown. 

koreanweddingphotography_MG_9528 copy

Gina was unable to assist us and had arranged for Ji Sook to replace her on our photo shoot. We had no worries with Ji Sook as she was as good as Gina. Besides checking periodically on us if we were hungry, she was also busy being our photographer with our cameras from hair salon to the studio. Our photographer (Hwang) was very friendly and could speak simple Mandarin. He taught us how to pose with his basic Mandarin and kept us laughing to bring out the warmth in the photos. Special thanks to Imo-nim, who helped us throughout the 5 hours photo shoot without any rest. She brought a big bag with her and we realized the bag contained a wide selection of accessories for the bride to pose for different scenes. 

koreanweddingphotography_MG_9236 copy

Not to forget mentioning the videographer, who was quietly taking our video behind the scene. We saw a few glimpses of the scenes that he took and were excited to see the final product. He saw gave a few Korean songs for our consideration to suit our fun and playful theme.  

Thanks to IDO Wedding team for giving us an unforgettable and fun experience. 

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