Dear IDOwedding,

We would like to thank IDOwedding team for the making our pre wedding photoshoot so memorable. We first got to know about IDOWedding at the Natas Fair. We were looking for an overseas bridal shoot and we there we met Emily who greeted us enthusiastically and explained the whole package to us and showed us sample photo albums of Jeju and Seoul studios.

koreanweddingphoto_DSC02597 copy

It was tough picking among so many excellent studios ! We settled on one initially but decided on another when we had our first meeting to confirm the studio. During that meeting, we also decided on the bridal gown which we wanted for the photoshoot in Seoul. Emily then explained the process and what to expect when we got to Seoul. IDOWedding also has a selection of hotels which we could pick to stay near the studio and they provided transport to and fro from the hotel to the studio.

koreanweddingphoto_DSC02774 copy

When we were in Seoul , we liaised with the local manager Gina. She was very friendly and helped us to translate our needs to the hair stylist and the photographer during the day of the shoot. She was very cheerful and always punctual in our meetings. 

During the photo shoot , we had a bridal assistant named i-mo to helps us. She was a friendly and motherly lady who helped us to retouch our make up, change our accessories and made sure we look the best on the camera.

koreanweddingphoto_DSC02972 copy

And last but not least , we would like to thank our photographer. They made sure we were comfortable and took many nice photos and ensured we had a good time during the shoot. It was difficult to choose the photos for our album as all the pictures are really well taken and we would love to keep them all in the album if possible.

We would definitely recommend anyone who is keen to have their photo shoot in Korea to sign up for idowedding.

Idowedding is fabulous! Thank You.
Alex & Sara 

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