It all started with the idea to do an overseas wedding photoshoot and Korea was the destination in mind since it’s the country we wanted to visit. So the research began and was glad to chance upon IDO Wedding. The type of photo concept was what we wanted.

It didn’t take us long to decide on IDO Wedding as the choice. Everything was swift from the selection of studio package down to the details, all thanks to Emily who gave us professional advice and suggestions, and making the necessary arrangement.


2 days before the photoshoot, Gina, the representative at Korea was punctual to pick us up from the hotel and chauffeur us to the bridal shop and beauty salon. The gown and tuxedo selection was made simple- we gave our preference and the bridal shop ladies brought out several designs for us to try on. We had a good time choosing what we wanted because everything looks great Over at the beauty salon, we were given a catalogue to browse through the type of style we wanted. With the help of Gina to translate, thoughts were communicated to the professional stylist easily. Since we have a bit more time, Gina offered to bring us to the frame shop to take a look at the type of frames available. We managed to see some local couple wedding photos, there were lovely! It got us all excited for the actual photoshoot.


Gina pick us up promptly on the actual photoshoot day. We first had our hair and makeup done. The stylists are amazing! The overall experience felt very special. The hairstylists were very professional and friendly.

They constantly checked on us to ensure that we are comfortable and achieved the style we wanted. The makeup artists are very skilful in transforming us to into our best form.

We could hardly contained our excitement as well as anxiety because it’s a wedding photoshoot and we just have to make sure we look our best! Gina was there with us all the time to ensure that everything is right and conveyed our requests to the photographer. It’s the winter season and we had a couple of outdoor shots, the team took good care of us- gave me throwover and take short hideout in the studio before getting out again. Despite the language barrier, the photographer and assistant were friendly and continuously interact with us to achieve the desired shots. Thank you! Special mention for Imo-nim. She really awesome! A very motherly personality, she’s always on her foot and around us, paying attention to our needs- helping us get changed, touch-up make up, changing accessories. All just to make us look the best. We are very grateful to have Imo-nim with us who took really good care of us.

Emily, Gina, Imo-nim and the photography crews, thank you so much for making it a memorable experience for us! We are happy to have our photoshoot in Korea, with IDO Wedding that was wonderfully completed producing beautiful pictures. 

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