We would like to thank IDO-Wedding for making our pre-wedding photoshoot possible, fun and memorable as well. From time to time, we will keep reminiscing back the whole process in Korea and how we wish we could do it all over again.

We really love watching korean dramas, so when we were still deciding on which bridal and where should we take our photoshoot, i tried to google and read some forums on feedbacks for a few of the different bridals that provide korean concept photoshoot. From reading through forums to looking at their Facebook photos, we got to know about IDO-weddings and many positive feedbacks about them as well. And so we waited for Natas Fair and immediately sign-up with them.

koreanweddingphoto_1666 copy

Everytime during our meet ups with Emily, she was really patient and tried her best to answer all our queries. She was also clear in telling us all the costs that’s needed if we get this or that, absolutely no hidden cost.

When we were in Korea for our photoshoot, our Manager aka Interpreter Ji Sook was really punctual and waiting at our hotel lobby and welcoming us with a big smile. A very nice and patient lady and a beautiful mum, who drove us to the bridal shop and salon for consultation. After the consultation, she showed us around some of the places and gave us more information about cherry blossom festivals which we planned to go. She was very friendly and patient and we were very thankful that she is there from our day 1 till the end of the photoshoot day. 

koreanweddingphoto_1717 copy

At the beauty salon, i’m amazed at how professional it is, from our hair to the make-up and we are treated like VIPs. My makeup look really natural and i love how they curl my hair as well. During choosing of the crown, the hair assistant is also very sweet to let me choose my crown and earrings and helping me to pin it up beautifully.

koreanweddingphoto_1682 copy

Our bridal assistant, Imo-nim, was really attentive and cute throughout the photoshoot (I’m missing her already). She will call me gong-zhu every time and makes me feel so loved and well taken care of. She will help us change gowns/tuxedos and accessories as well. Ji Sook was very nice to help us take some photos with our phones and it turns out very nice.

koreanweddingphoto_1435 copy

Our photographer, a young and beautiful lady, is very professional and guide us how to pose and we love how our photos turned out.

Our videographer is also very professional and make us feels so comfortable during the photoshoot that we did not notice he is capturing us in his video.

koreanweddingphoto_1479 copy

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for making it possible with their professionalism and great services throughout our photoshoot. So glad that we make the right decision in choosing IDO-wedding.

Thank you very much! Bryan & Yumi 

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