Dear IdoWedding

Keep up the good work! Every step of the way we were well taken care of and never doubted our choice. Overall the quality and professionalism of our IdoWedding package was well worth it and we were not disappointed. We would love to do another studio as they were all so amazing and it was difficult to choose. We will be recommending IdoWedding to anyone who cares to ask.

Best_James & Chaalene_DSC04126 copy

Thank you to Mr Son the studio photographer for leading us so well in all the scenes, even though we had no idea what to do! It was such fun and your style and patience really made the difference between a stressful shoot and a fun one. The pre-decorated scenes were all lovely! Mr Son was super-efficient and skilled. He was very good at helping us even though we spoke only a few words of Korean, Mr Son your poses and demonstrations were perfect!

Best_James & Chaalene_DSC04443 copy

Thanks Gina for being such a nice and helpful manager in Seoul! She even helped us take an extra few casual photos even though it wasn’t her responsibility, thanks so much for that. We were kept informed about everything and Gina got us got to all the appointments on time, good driving! 

Best_James & Chaalene_DSC04480 copy

Thanks also to Audrey in Singapore for friendly and prompt communications on everything, and looking after us well.

Thanks to everyone who helped with our makeup, hair and costumes. Especially Imo-nim for everything, Imo-nim was so friendly and really made us feel comfortable, and was so skilful with the makeup and costume adjustments. She was so good that we didn’t even notice that our accessories were changed during intervals!

Best_James & Chaalene_DSC04197 copy

Overall, experience with IdoWedding was DAEBAK! ^^


James & Charlene 

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