A special thanks to Audrey and Gina for their excellent service and planning of this entire photo-shoot. Everything went smoothly according to plan with perfect timing.


During the first day with them, Gina brought us to the bridal apartment for the selection of gowns and suits follow by a consultation with the hairstylist. We were very happy and impressed by the selection of gowns as they were of excellent quality. The bridal assistant who help Hueyling with the gowns were very professional and they were attentive to her needs and requirements.

koreanweddingphoto_827A3130 copy

During the day of the shoot, we were very appreciative to the team, the hairstylist and the make-up artist. Prior to our consultation with them the day before, they knew that our photo studio is quite far away from the city area, so they came to work as early as 6.30am to attend to us. They took their time and made sure we looked good that day. The bridal assistant that were assigned to us that day by the bridal company also provided Hueyling with plenty of accessories as well, including earrings, tiara, hair clips, etc. Overall, we were very impressed and happy with the service by the team.


Lastly, the studio is really amazing. The level of creativity and thought put into each scene is truly unique and enchanting. The photographer and his assistant were very professional and they made us feel very comfortable while taking the shots. The smiles in our pictures will show how we enjoyed the session.

Thank you and Regards,

Jonathan & Hueyling 

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