People say that marriage is once in a lifetime and so, to ensure that we have a unique and memorable experience, we decided to have our pre-wedding shoot overseas. Though we have came across numerous bridal boutiques which offered overseas pre-wedding packages, we set our eyes on ido-wedding the minute we saw their wedding albums at their NATAS fair roadshow.

We have heard so much from the testimonials of other couples on Facebook on their lovely gowns, funny photographers and helpful imus and were looking forward to see if we would have the same experience. To much of our delight, we were indeed treated like “celebrities” throughout the whole process from gown selection, to hairstyling and make-up, as well as the actual photoshoot itself. This was only made possible through the help of our very friendly coordinator – Gina, her assistant – Sun, humorous Photographer – Huang, as well as helpful and kind Imu (I can’t remember Imu’s name because we only addressed her as Imu).


Gina and Sun would make sure that we were well taken care of by staying by our side throughout the process. For instance, language constantly posed as a barrier between us and the hairstylist, make-up artist and photographer but Gina and Sun ensure that our messages get conveyed correctly to them and vice versa by being the translator. For that, I am grateful to both them, whom, because of their speaking proficiency in English and Chinese, helped facilitated many challenging conversations. Also, our photographer Huang was such a humorous guy who helped eased our tensions through jokes and guided us throughout the photography sessions by giving us easy to understand instructions such as “Da Xiao” (which means big smile in Chinese) and “Wei Xiao” (which means normal smile in Chinese).


As our pre-wedding shoot was held in November, which was the winter period, we often had to brave the cold weather for the many outdoor shots. While the chilling weather was usually comfortable and what in Singaporean terms known as “shiok”, the cold was really unbearable when we were only clad in our thin wedding gown/suit. We usually had to “fake” a smile and hold our pose, while shivering from the cold! One cannot really imagine how we felt, until you have experienced it yourself.  However, Gina/Sun and Imu often went into great lengths and took good care of us during these difficult shoots. While Gina would buy us “energy” drinks to keep our bodies warm, Imu would come running towards me with a jacket, every time we had breaks in between outdoor shoots. And of course, not forgetting our photographer, Huang, who would tried his very best to complete his shoots as fast as possible, so that we need not stay outdoor for too long.  


All in all, we enjoyed our pre-wedding shoot in Korea very much as many beautiful and unforgettable memories were forged. We would really like to thank the team for their dedication, assistance and friendship, and is looking forward to receiving our wedding album soon.

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